Overture Blog Touts Masergy On-Demand Bandwidth

Overture Blog Touts Masergy On-Demand Bandwidth

Overture Networks, a technology partner of Masergy’s, recently chatted with our Chief Technology Officer Tim Naramore. Tim’s focus was on the innovative, award-winning Masergy Intelligent Service Control (ISC). Our ISC is more than just on-demand bandwidth, it’s a powerful web service. The ISC connects Masergy customers to our Managed Cloud Network and its patented layer of analytics.

With the ISC, IT professionals managing a Masergy network connection can:

  • Scale bandwidth up and down
  • Set up a calendar for capacity changes
  • Manage additional services such as our UCaaS and Real-time Analytics

ISC enables both on-demand bandwidth and a truly on-demand experience, with all changes going live in less than 30 seconds after the user’s request. These requests can be added via either the ISC web portal or the new ISC smartphone app—an experience perfectly demonstrated in this video.

Tim explained to Overture how the ISC mobile app’s creation was directly related to customer feedback. Although IT professionals could always get on-demand bandwidth using the standard Masergy ISC web portal from a smartphone’s browser, the portal was not optimized for the experience. Without a lightweight front end for ISC, users of the portal found it difficult to perform tasks on iOS and Android phones. Because more and more IT professionals are embracing a BYOD mentality, Tim and his team at Masergy decided to create an app for the smartphone that was optimized for the small display and the native capabilities.

About John Dumbleton

SVP, Business Development, Masergy
John Dumbleton has over 20 years experience in networking and IT solutions and has served as Senior Vice President, Business Development at Masergy since May 2008. He is responsible for strategic business development and oversees the marketing and demand generation efforts at Masergy. His experience ranges from strategic sales, channel development, and product development to business strategy and strategic acquisitions. John holds an MBA and bachelors of science in industrial engineering and operations research from Virginia Tech.