• Masergy Delivers Customer Satisfaction By Design

    Masergy just earned a Net Promoter Score of 74 — 6x higher than the average score for all telecom companies and 3x higher than that for the B2B technology industry overall.

  • Is Your Firm Prepared for the New EU Data Protection Rules?

    If you do business in the European Union — even if your organization is based elsewhere — get ready. The EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) delivers a long list of what one international law firm calls “onerous obligations.”

  • 5 of The Best Reads For CIOs

    Vacation season is upon us and it’s a great time to catch up on the latest reads on new technologies, business disruption and tech innovators. Here’s what we recommend for CIOs and other members of the cognoscenti this season.

  • 7 Distinctive Benefits of Masergy’s SD-WAN

    SD-WAN adoption is rapidly taking hold in companies of all sizes as they undergo digital transformation. SD-WAN is an attractive option for businesses that are updating their WAN edge equipment, connecting branch offices, modernizing their WAN infrastructure, and aggressively moving to the cloud.

  • 3 Critical Considerations for the SD-WAN Buyer

    If your enterprise plans to be part of the rapidly evolving digital economy, your rigid network isn’t going to cut it much longer. The future of enterprise networks will be based on a mesh architecture made up of multiple connection types transmitting ever-increasing amounts of data across global locations.

  • Application-Based Routing is a Key Benefit of SD-WAN

    There’s been a lot of excitement over SD-WAN and its potential to leverage the cost/performance benefits of Internet access. That excitement is justified in the era of the cloud and the proliferation of remote and mobile users. These trends are...

  • Bringing ‘Plug and Play’ to Workflow Automation

    Companies are often limited in their efforts to achieve business insights and optimal outcomes due to a lack of business process integration. Organizations try to master the challenge with APIs that help connect the dots across communications, CRM,...

  • Threat Prevention is No Longer Enough to Protect Your Business

    The world of cyber security is an asymmetric battleground. The attack surface is growing as a result of the growing number of connected devices, malicious apps, the Internet of Things, cloud services and the digitization of business functions...

  • Making Sense of the Chinese VPN Crackdown

    Over 2,000 years ago, the Chinese began building the Great Wall of China. The idea was to protect Chinese states and empires from raids by various nomadic groups. The wall served its purpose, in addition to regulating trade and import duties. More...

  • The Case for Outsourcing Security Grows Stronger

    There's no rest for the weary – and IT security professionals rank high among that group. Their battles are never-ending. Just take a look at these findings from Risk Based Security, released in January, which revealed that 2016 saw more than 4,000...