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Getting SASE? Four guidelines for success

July 6, 2021

To ensure security and agility and reap the full benefits of SASE, you need to follow four key guidelines for success.

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Why legal firms choose Masergy to digitize and improve the client experience

June 29, 2021

Here’s how Masergy helped several global law firms modernize to meet the needs of their clients while prioritizing data securi

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The Autonomous Enterprise: Roundtable featuring Masergy, Avant, Telarus, PlanetOne

June 15, 2021

Gain an appreciation for the art of what’s possible today in AI and how emerging technologies like AIOps will enhance IT and business outcomes.

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SASE misconceptions: How to take a pragmatic approach to network & security convergence

June 8, 2021

Misconceptions abound when it comes to turning SASE into a pragmatic plan. It’s easy to take SASE principles too far. Here’s a practical approach.

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Masergy aligns its services for the future of IT

June 1, 2021

eWeek interviews Masergy's CEO to understand how the network is evolving as a key player in today's fast-paced digital transformation.

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Hybrid work calls for SD-WAN with hybrid access

May 26, 2021

SD-WAN helps address the challenges of remote work, and 58% of IT decision makers expect to use hybrid access. Here’s why.

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