EDR: The single best protection against ransomware

May 11, 2021

Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the best medicine for ransomware. Here’s what to look for, and how companies use it.

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IT may be killing your M&A strategy: Using SASE and SD-WAN to accelerate integration

May 4, 2021

Need to unite two companies quickly without jeopardizing security? Here’s how to put SASE and SD-WAN to work for your M&A strategy.

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Webinar: Using SASE to secure and optimize remote work

April 27, 2021

If you’ve wondered why SASE is the new IT foundation for remote work and hybrid business models, here’s a webinar you won’t want to miss.

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How I built it: Using AIOps to automate IT operations and WFH solutions

April 20, 2021

CIO Joe Gracz explains how he AIOps and IT automation to accelerate his manufacturing company’s work-from-home solution.

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AI for cloud apps: Masergy’s new AIOps is like a digital fortune teller optimizing your video conferencing

April 13, 2021

Managing cloud applications just got a lot easier thanks to Masergy’s latest AIOps innovations which can predict and prevent application outages.

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Masergy Zenith Program welcomes Blue Equinox, DVP Technologies and RealCom Solutions as Apex members

April 6, 2021

Congratulations to our partners Blue Equinox, DVP Technologies and RealCom Solutions for attaining Apex level status in the Masergy Zenith Program!

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