Perfect VoIP and Video Conferencing: How to Avoid Digital Mush

October 14th, 2019

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Everyone knows digital mush…. It’s the moment your video call becomes a half-frozen conversation with a space alien. It’s the moment your global conference turns into oral garbage at the exact moment the CEO announces quarterly bonus payouts. For users and IT folks alike, digital mush is maddening. Here’s how to ensure your VoIP and real-time communications are crystal clear.

Removing Latency and Jitter from the User Experience

The quality of the user experience is determined by the IT network that supports communications. When it comes to real-time communications, network jitter and latency are non-negotiable. Whether you’re using your own private network or a provider’s network service, high-quality VoIP and video connectivity require the following:

Selecting the Right Network for Video Traffic: A Connectivity Guide

Today, there are many network connectivity options, making it easy to get confused about which type of access should support video communications. Here’s a connectivity guide to help you put critical VoIP and video applications on the networks best suited to accommodate it.

Reaching Perfection with Tools and Services

The process and capabilities for troubleshooting challenges and optimizing network performance are the keys to balancing bandwidth demands. These tools and services can accelerate VoIP and video success.

Recognizing a Network Built for Video and VoIP

The clearest video conferences and VoIP calls are backed by global networks with the best quality of service. When the network delivers the following guarantees, it’s likely designed to deliver on communications excellence.

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Andrew Ramos

With 20+ years of experience as a strategic sales leader, Andrew consistently sets the stage for growth by crafting highly customized solutions that scale and grow with the long-term needs of enterprise customers. At Masergy, he has developed and managed strategic relationships across each sales channel and was promoted to lead efforts in cultivating and enhancing relationships with global systems integrators. Prior to joining Masergy, Andrew served as sales executive for Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

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