Predictions and Anti-Predictions for 2019

Avatar for Ray WatsonBy Ray Watson|Dec 11, 2018|7:30 am CST

Today’s enterprises face a rapidly advancing IT landscape and immense pressure to stay ahead of the pace of transformation. But to operate at the speed of what’s coming next, executives need to heighten their awareness and anticipate the future. That includes the ability to better understand the impacts of emerging technologies, foresee new trends on the horizon, imagine where IT innovation will take us in 2019 and then bring it to life. Named a Visionary for two years running in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services Global, Masergy is proud to present a handful of predictions for the year 2019, as well as two anti-predictions that may surprise you. These forecasts come not only from me but also from several other thought leaders here at Masergy including Mike Stute, Jay Barbour, Paul Ruelas, and Dean Manzoori.

IT Predictions

We will See a Continued Convergence of Networking and Security

Today, there cannot be an executive-level discussion about your corporate network that doesn’t include security. Likewise, it’s hard to talk about security without talking about networking. Network and security operations can no longer operate in silos, and many IT leaders are working to bring them together into a unified whole. The following serves as evidence of today’s network-security convergence:

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