The Benefits of NFV for the Enterprise

The Benefits of NFV for the Enterprise

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has the ability to improve the customer experience and we here at Masergy are excited about its promise. Masergy took an early lead in this area in 2011 when we introduced our Cloud-based Managed Firewall product. This capability allows customers to eliminate backhauling public Internet traffic to a central data center firewall. It also frees them from having to install and maintain premise-based firewalls in all of their locations.

The Managed Firewall lets customers have firewalls in the cloud next to closest Internet peering location, which improves performance, eliminates backhauling while retaining centralized control. Of course, it also eliminates capital expenses and expensive annual maintenance costs.

Masergy’s solution is more than just a cloud firewall, it includes functions to shape Internet traffic by application and perform content filtering. Having a single control point, managed by Masergy, greatly simplifies both the compliance and security aspects related to public Internet access.

Masergy recently launched the Cloud-based Router, which lets customers with less complex routing needs eliminate the cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining customer premise-based physical routers. Cloud-based Router centralizes control, configuration and compliance into a managed cloud based offering, much as our Cloud Firewall does for security.

Virtualizing network functions such as firewalls, routers, and network performance monitors lets our expert sales engineering teams design the best, next-generation network to fit customers’ technical needs and business outcomes.

NFV is a compelling concept and as 2015 progresses, expect to see more innovations in this area from Masergy.

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Chief Technology Officer, Masergy
Tim Naramore is the Chief Technology Officer of Masergy Communications and brings more than 30 years of experience in IT and telecommunications to the discussion. Tim has worked at Frito-Lay, Texas Instruments, Boeing, Allegiance Telecom and Broadwing Communications on technologies ranging from IBM mainframes to handheld computers and web applications. Tim is responsible for the IT, Network Engineering and Software Engineering groups at Masergy. He holds a bachelor's of science in information systems from Pittsburg State University.