The Church Without Walls Simulcasts Sermons with Masergy Network

The Church Without Walls Simulcasts Sermons with Masergy Network

For more than 25 years, The Church Without Walls has held an open-door approach to draw many new members to its congregation, and the church has grown exponentially over the years. Today, The Church Without Walls has more than 20,000 members across three campuses in Houston.

Despite its large size and separate facilities, church leaders wanted to keep a sense of oneness to their services by simulcasting sermons from any one of the megachurch’s three campuses to either or both of its other two locations.

So The Church Without Walls deployed a video system to meet this demand, but they experienced problems right away with video transmission over the church’s existing network. Each broadcast exhibited poor video quality that was rife with artifacts, latency and delay as a result of packet loss on a best-efforts network.

“Each worship service was a nail-biting experience for our media team,” said Joe Flores, Media Director for The Church Without Walls. “It got to the point where we were regularly scrambling our lead technician, Andy Seale, to our remote campuses to fix our audio and video issues during the service. That’s when we knew that we needed a change.”

The Solution

So Flores turned to Haivision – a leader in high-performance networked video – to solve the problem, who in turn recommended their partner Masergy Communications to provide a reliable IP network to enhance the church’s video broadcasting and transmission capabilities.

Masergy worked with Haivision and the church to develop and deploy a high-quality, multicast-enabled MPLS network solution that would not only serve as the backbone for the church’s broadcasting capabilities, but would also meet their data and voice needs.

“It was a complete network overhaul,” Flores said. “We chose Masergy because of the services they offered – including bi-directional network feeds between campuses, as well as the packet management and video performance they guaranteed.”

Business Success

Since the roll-out  The Church Without Walls has experienced many benefits from the Masergy and Haivision networking and video solutions, including:

Enhanced Video Transmission Capabilities – Masergy’s global MPLS network with Video QoS enabled flawless, high definition video, and solved the Church Without Walls’ broadcasting woes. With the Masergy network, all data packets are delivered in sequence, resulting in minimized latency and the picture-perfect video transmission that the church’s media team originally envisioned.

“With Masergy, we don’t even have to think about the video reliability and quality anymore – it’s the best video we have ever seen. That’s what I consider success,” said Flores. “We can now focus on other parts of the ministry that we were called to do.”

Guaranteed Performance – During the bidding process, Masergy guaranteed the performance of its network and video service plane, giving the church the option to walk away at no charge. After a thorough implementation process, and working with the church to solve some technical issues, the system met and exceeded all expectations.

Solid Ground – Multi-site, bi-directional simulcasting is the church’s ultimate goal, so it can provide interactive, two-way worship services. With Masergy’s network forming a reliable, solid foundation, The Church Without Walls has the confidence to pursue this next step, and plans to achieve its goal in the near future.

“They put their money where their mouth is, and in the end they succeeded by giving us a stable, wonderful network and picture,” Flores said.

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