The Enterprise Security Checklist

The Enterprise Security Checklist

Just as security breaches are becoming more sophisticated and multi-faceted, so too must businesses develop multi-pronged approaches to cyber security defense.

Organizations must adopt a more sophisticated approach to cyber security that combines strategy, technology and governance to ensure the security of business and customer data. Many companies are not in compliance with the latest guidelines and running outdated systems that leave them vulnerable to increasingly malicious cyber breaches.

Recent massive data thefts at the Office of Personnel Management, Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration point to the need for more a rigorous set of monitoring systems. 

The lesson from these recent breaches suggest that all organizations need to look at their policies, procedures and infrastructure with an eye on adopting the most rigorous and modern approaches to cyber security.

Here’s a 7-step checklist to better secure your digital enterprise:
  1. Assess your current IT security posture and align your security strategy with business goals.
  2. Establish an enterprise-wide security program and integrate it with existing processes to reduce complexity and achieve business results.
  3. Adopt security-as-a-service that meets business demands and addresses regulatory, privacy and security requirements.
  4. Develop a comprehensive sourcing strategy for all security services, and decide which to outsource to third party managed security solutions providers.
  5. Understand the nature of existing and emerging security threats in your business, your industry and at large. Use security analytics to apply contextual awareness to your security data.
  6. Have plans in place to assess new security innovations. Create a dedicated budget and a clear vision for the security technologies that can enhance your current posture.
  7. Continually measure the effectiveness of your security implementations and continuously evolve your security posture to meet emerging threats.

Learn more about the latest security analytics and managed security services to augment existing security solutions and staff.

About Craig D' Abreo

VP, Security Operations, Masergy
Craig oversees the Managed Security, Threat Intelligence and Security Professional Services departments at Masergy. He is responsible for Masergy’s proactive enterprise cybersecurity threat management and operations program. Craig holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Information Security. He is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) with over a decade of experience in the security industry and holds various network security certifications. He has written on various security blogs, spoken on a range of industry panels and is a recognized thought leader in the cybersecurity space.