Threat Minute: Dispelling the Biggest Cybersecurity Myth in InfoSec Today

Avatar for Trevor ParksBy Trevor Parks|Feb 26, 2019|7:30 am CST

I’m Trevor Parks, Director of Security Solutions here at Masergy. With today’s Threat Minute briefing, I want to dispel one of the biggest cybersecurity myths that I hear the most. And that is: Most organizations believe that all cyberattacks are targeted.

Many employees and company leaders believe that unless they are specifically chosen to be a target by a hacker or hacking group, they won’t become a victim. That’s a big myth that can’t be further from the truth!

Some businesses even think that their data doesn’t have any value, in turn they believe they have nothing to worry about. If their data doesn’t have value, they won’t be hacked. WRONG! Tell that to Erie County Medical Center. They recently spent over $10 million cleaning up their network and restoring business operations back to normal after a small ransomware outbreak. And, this was a security breach instance where they never actually lost any data! Looks guys, everyone is a target–even if you aren’t specifically targeted. This kind of thing could happen to any organization. The best cyber defense is to know and to expect that an attack or a data breach will eventually happen to you. How you respond (when it does happen) will be the difference between the data breach costing millions of dollars and a major business disruption or just a minor inconvenience for your IT staff, who must clean up after an isolated incident. Don’t fall victim to the myth that you aren’t a target. We are all targets! If you don’t have the in-house human resources to monitor your data and network traffic effectively, call on Masergy to handle the monitoring and response for you. Learn about Masergy’s Managed Security with managed detection and response.

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