Top 3 Cloud UC Must‑Have Features

Top 3 Cloud UC Must‑Have Features

A growing number of enterprises are adopting cloud-based Unified Communications. Some 63% of companies have a least one UC application in the cloud, according to recent survey by Nemertes Research. Scalability is a big driver of UC adoption, enabling companies to implement IP-based voice, video, conferencing and other collaboration applications as workforce requirements demand and budgets allow.

The top Cloud UC features in use today are presence, instant messaging or chat, and mobility. All are designed to enhance employee productivity and create more efficient interactions.

1. Presence—Are You There?

Cloud UC systems offer applications that run on users desktops and mobile devices. One of the most immediate benefits of these apps is the ability to click on a particular employee’s name in the directory and see if they are at their desk and available to take your call. If they’re already on a call, fear not. You can still communicate using the chat feature.

2. Instant Messaging—Multitasking Made Easy

If your co-worker is on a call, you can still ask them a quick question using the IM or chat feature. This greatly eliminates the time lag that can occur when you send a traditional email, which requires you to wait for colleagues to read and respond. When you send someone an IM within the UC desktop app, a new window pops up where you can type your message. Since the recipient has their UC app open, the chat window will pop up immediately on their desktop as well. They can answer your question or indicate when they’ll be available to talk with you at greater length.

3. Mobility Rules

Cloud UC solutions are increasingly appealing for their ability to give workers a unified communications experience across devices, from desk phone, PC, tablet and smartphone. Some 42% of enterprises surveyed by global advisory firm KPMG in 2014 indicate they are adopting cloud applications to empower the mobile workforce and drive business transformation.

Cloud UC systems lets workers seamlessly transfer active calls from their phone or PC to their smartphone as they head off for a meeting. The mobile version of the client UC app also lets incoming calls ring simultaneously on all devices, so workers never miss a call. In addition, when someone leaves a message, UC transcription capabilities converts the voice message into an email that can read on the desktop or mobile mail client.

Great Leap Forward

Cloud UC offers a quantum leap for employee productivity by simplifying and integrating the many forms of communications businesses use. This integration lets employees and companies optimize business processes, manage workflows, reduce response times and eliminate device dependencies.

It’s a small wonder that companies of all sizes are turning to Cloud UC solutions to empower their workforce and enable frictionless collaboration.

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