Transform with Certainty: Masergy’s New Branding Spotlights Confidence in Service Experience

Posted on October 23, 2019

With Masergy’s 20th anniversary drawing near, we celebrate nearly two decades of incredible success pioneering innovative IT services. Much has changed in the past 20 years—namely everything. From the shifting trends and technologies to client needs and our evolving industry, we’ve endured a continuous flow of disruptive change and powered many of our own transformative shifts since our first birthday.

With the appointment of our new CEO and the more recent addition of executive leaders, we’ve been rethinking and reshaping Masergy for the next decades ahead. Our vision for autonomous networking has been sharpened and our product roadmap has been realigned. This latest evolution of our company is destined to be the biggest and boldest yet.

So, now is the perfect time for a brand refresh.

We need to better reflect who Masergy is in the market today–the pioneer in software-defined networking. We need a brand message and images that crystallize who we are, what we do, the value we deliver, and how we’re different now. That’s why we have rejuvenated our brand from top to bottom.

Today, we rolled out new brand messaging alongside a new visual identity and website. Our new brand pays homage to Masergy’s history of success while simultaneously launching our company into the future as a preferred partner for enterprises, agents, resellers, and systems integrators. The new visual identity is as refreshing as our unrivaled network performance and as distinctive as our unparalleled customer experience. Check out our new video!

Who is Masergy

Masergy’s New Brand Story: Transform with Certainty

The world is changing. Smart companies are changing with it. But as they undergo critical digital transformation to stay competitive and to meet new demands, they’re faced with complex issues and some tricky obstacles. Change is seldom easy—or predictable, for that matter. That’s why they need partners that can help them face the future with certainty.

In the IT world, no one can offer 100% certainty. But Masergy can get pretty darn close. How do we do it? It’s two simple reasons. First, it’s because we hold ourselves to higher standards than our peers. And if something does go wrong, we have everyone working on it—from the execs to the engineer to the sales team. Second, we build our business and technology in a way that helps predict certainty, so we can pass that confidence along to our customers—helping them boldly move their companies forward.

Certainty is a difference that reveals itself in a thousand different forms. Certainty isn’t realized by a guarantee stamp on the side of a box or how many employees Masergy has. It’s realized by the 10,000 things that happen every day to make an incremental difference and ensure uncertainty never has a place to live. It’s the result of our team innovating every day and doing what it takes to deliver the difference our customers and partners not only want but expect. For example, we’ve delivered certainty through calmly resolving issues despite time zones and by providing sub-millisecond jitter for any video call as well as by hiking a yak across the borders of Vietnam to deliver a circuit. Every day, our customers consistently find certainty in the fact that:

Today’s enterprises are looking for partners to provide reliable solutions that work on a global scale, so they can focus on what they do best. In addition, IT executives are striving to realize every opportunity behind their digital ambitions—something they can’t always do themselves. And when they find those partners who provide the support and services they need, the net result helps them create a transformation that has a bolstering effect.

For nearly two decades, Masergy has been this partner.

Not only have we helped empower companies to realize their ambitions, we’ve done it with undaunted commitment to customer-first service. Masergy is the software-defined network and cloud platform for the digital enterprise. We inspire IT leaders and help global enterprises transform with certainty.

Highlighting Confidence in Service Experience

Like our certainty story demonstrates, Masergy’s new brand gives us credit where credit has long been due. It helps us stake our claim for what we rightfully are–the trusted pioneer in software-defined networking. We’re the company with mature IT solutions perfected using 20 years of expertise and intelligence gathering. That experience offers a unique sense of confidence for our partners. And, that certainty can be found nowhere else in the market today.

I hope you’ll explore our new website today. It incorporates the latest in user experience design and showcases our unique value propositions in a very pointed way. The navigation and taxonomy leverage descriptive terms to quickly identify a solution area of interest. Each page is chocked full of valuable assets to download or watch, providing insight and thought leadership across a variety of topics. Moving forward, we’ll be investing significantly in our digital advertising channels and look forward to becoming a destination for business and IT leaders to gain best practices, new perspectives, and ideas that inspire IT innovation.

As a 20-year pioneer in software-defined networking, let Masergy help you embark on your digital transformation journey with certainty. Take a look at the new Masergy.

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Becky Carr

Rebecca (Becky) Carr heads up Masergy’s global marketing organization and is responsible for elevating the company brand and growth strategy. Becky has 25+ years of sales and marketing experience across technology, software and telecom industries. Prior to Masergy, she was the Global Head of Marketing at Avaya. She has also held Chief Marketing Officer positions at CoStar, Savvis/CenturyLink and Foxwoods Resort & Casino, and led global business marketing for Verizon Business/MCI. Becky earned her bachelor of arts from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.

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