USEI Uses Masergy’s Global MPLS Network to Consistently Transmit Live Broadcast Programming

USEI Uses Masergy’s Global MPLS Network to Consistently Transmit Live Broadcast Programming

When U.S. Electrodynamics Inc. (USEI) was looking to connect its teleport near Seattle into KDDI Corp. in Tokyo, it was strongly considering traditional fiber-based networks. But after looking at his connectivity options, Satoshi Ono, director of business development for USEI, sought a more flexible and affordable solution.

After researching vendors, Satoshi and USEI discovered that high-quality video transmission over Internet protocol (IP) could work, and could be affordable. So they selected Masergy’s global MPLS network to connect USEI’s Brewster, Washington location to Tokyo, New York and London.

USEI has witnessed multiple benefits from its partnership with Masergy, including:

High-Quality Video Over IP – With Masergy’s MPLS network, USEI goes beyond the traditional delivery model for broadcast-quality video transmissions, reliably delivering high-definition video across IP to locations in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

For example, Japanese Sports Network (J Sports) uses USEI to transport MLB, Golf Channel, NBA and NFL network broadcast content from locations in the US over Masergy’s global MPLS network to Japan.

“With Masergy’s premier global MPLS network, we have dispelled the myth that high-quality live video cannot be delivered over IP,” said Satoshi. “Not only have we made it possible, but we have consistently delivered high-quality live video feeds for some of the largest broadcasting companies in the world.”

Flexibility – Masergy’s flexible network helps USEI and its customers quickly and easily adapt to unanticipated network changes.

For example, during the tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011, NBC selected USEI to set up and transmit live feeds from Tokyo to USEI’s Brewster teleport and across the Masergy network to New York. When a strong aftershock damaged undersea cables, the Masergy circuit quickly and automatically re-routed.

“During the disturbance and quick fail-over, we only lost 2,000 data packets, which equaled a mere one-second glitch in the feed,” said Satoshi “All other networks were down for days, but NBC via USEI and Masergy continued its live coverage from Tokyo to the U.S. The other networks subsequently sent all of their content through the USEI/Masergy network – proving that broadcast video over a reliable global MPLS network such as Masergy’s works perfectly.”

Click here to read the full case study, and learn how USEI was able to enhance its broadcast offerings using Masergy’s MPLS network.

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