Wabtec Receives Customized Global Network, Passionate Customer Service with Masergy

Wabtec Receives Customized Global Network, Passionate Customer Service with Masergy


Wabtec Corporation (NYSE: WAB) has long been a railroad and transit technology innovator with its roots dating back to 1869, when it was known then as Westinghouse Airbrake Company. For years, Wabtec supported the information and communications needs of its global employees with disjointed networking solutions from several telecommunications companies.

However, as the ever-evolving Wabtec’s business and IT needs modernized, its incumbent telecom providers’ rigid legacy network infrastructures proved to be inefficient. The company needed a higher-quality global network from a single global provider to support its critical business applications like Microsoft Lync, video conferencing systems and Oracle solutions, while also managing Wabtec’s substantial data back-up needs.

“Many of the larger telecom providers are very old companies and not as agile as we would prefer,” said a Wabtec spokesperson. “We needed a single provider that would help us design an agile global network that could meet our rapidly changing business demands.”


Wabtec turned to Masergy Communications’ flexible and passionate solutions team to engineer a customized solution that guaranteed network performance on a global scale.

“Tier-One providers offered inflexible solutions that we had to fit into, and we subsequently had to change how we operated as a company to fit into their ‘box,’” said Wabtec “Masergy on the other hand wanted to help us find the right solution and ensure that it met all of our needs. It was really refreshing.”

Business Success

Wabtec has experienced multiple benefits following its move from more rigid network providers to Masergy, including:

Customized, Agile Solutions
  • Masergy helped design and deploy a customized network solution for Wabtec that could meet their global IT demands, while providing the flexibility to easily adapt to both planned and unexpected changes in the future.
  • Masergy’s multiple service planes allow Wabtec to prioritize bandwidth as necessary while maximizing efficiency. For example, the Critical Plane in Wabtec’s network can prioritize the company’s Oracle data and applications above regular Internet traffic for greater speed and reliability. Also, the network’s Limited Plane allows for lower-priority, continuous data backups while other applications receive greater bandwidth.
Passionate Expertise, Enhanced Customer Experience
  • From Masergy’s sales force to its project support team to its 24/7 NOC, Wabtec’s previous unsavory experience with its old provider was turned on its head. Masergy delivered the expertise, passion and service that Wabtec sought in its new partner.

“Our biggest concern was to have a much better experience with our new vendor,” said Wabtec. “Masergy’s focus was 100 percent customer satisfaction. Their networking experts and consultants were a great fit with our team, and it has been a very positive experience.”

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About John Dumbleton

SVP, Business Development, Masergy
John Dumbleton has over 20 years experience in networking and IT solutions and has served as Senior Vice President, Business Development at Masergy since May 2008. He is responsible for strategic business development and oversees the marketing and demand generation efforts at Masergy. His experience ranges from strategic sales, channel development, and product development to business strategy and strategic acquisitions. John holds an MBA and bachelors of science in industrial engineering and operations research from Virginia Tech.

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