Want to make remote team collaboration easy? Combine UCaaS with SASE

Avatar for Shawn CookeBy Shawn Cooke|May 18, 2021|7:30 am CDT

What was initially thought to be a temporary shift in team collaboration has become a fixed change in the way businesses collaborate and communicate. As 2021 progresses, it’s clear that COVID-19’s effects on the workforce will be with us for the foreseeable future. In the U.S., the expected growth rate of full-time remote work over the next five years has doubled from 30% to 65%. Today, businesses are grappling with how to permanently streamline their geo-dispersed workforces to keep remote employees connected, productive, and delivering return on investment (ROI). Cloud collaboration tools are here to help, but IT leaders still face some key challenges in getting remote work and team collaboration to work well for their business.

Challenges can include:

  • Managing multiple vendors and solutions for both technologies and services, such as cloud communication applications, network support services, and security services. This can introduce burdensome complexities into IT environments and management.
  • Ensuring cloud collaboration application performance. Onboarding communication technologies alone – without addressing underlying IT infrastructure and support – can create overburdened networks and sub-par voice and video conferencing performance.
  • Protecting corporate security. Security for the remote workforce and all their devices can be difficult.

In fact, studies show that organizations are typically trying to manage more than 10 vendor relationships for a single initiative. Remote workforce management and team collaboration has only added to this problem.

Creating a cohesive communications experience for your distributed workforce doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s easy to simplify company-wide collaboration by purchasing Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) with a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) service or SASE (secure access service edge) service all in one package. See how Masergy does it.

UCaaS — it won’t take months to feel the team collaboration benefits

Businesses of all sizes are seeing tangible improvements from accelerating their move to cloud communications. Two-thirds of companies that measured their success with workplace collaboration saw notable improvements in efficiency with UCaaS, while 45% saw cost savings and 24% measured an increase in revenue.

But your business doesn’t have to spend months migrating to the cloud to start taking advantage of it. Even if your company is using an on-premise system at the moment or still using PSTN, Masergy offers cost-effective ways to leverage the cloud without ripping and replacing your system. If a hybrid environment is more your speed, you can choose which of your sites move to the cloud first and create a step-by-step migration plan.

By moving to the cloud, you no longer have to deal with regular manual updates to your phone system, handle daily phone system management and monitoring, or wrestle with costly growth every time you need to add a new seat or downsize. With a hybrid approach, you also won’t have to worry about leaving expensive hardware behind. All the while, you’ll get predictable performance with an all-in-one solution that integrates global network services that keep your cloud communication experience stable and reliable for seamless team collaboration.

Dispersed workforces require best-of-breed UCaaS and SD-WAN or SASE

Ninety percent of businesses are already leveraging a UCaaS/network package to maximize their investment. SD-WAN/SASE supports and improves the performance of your cloud communications technology by delivering better agility, flexibility, and security:

  • The software-defined networking approach means you can make changes to your network bandwidth without having to deal with hardware – delivering performance agility to your changing business needs.
  • With SD-WAN, you’ll have the flexibility to add other critical cloud applications and services as you please with continual performance and uptime assurance.
  • With Masergy’s unique UCaaS and SD-WAN package, your network and communications are backed by our certified network experts who monitor and manage performance.
  • And it’s easy to add on cloud security technologies, endpoint security protections, and security threat detection and response services while you enjoy end-to-end encryption for meetings.

Masergy’s integrated UCaaS + SD-WAN/SASE solutions enable users to:

  • Simplify communications, network support, and security services with one solution from one provider.
  • Streamline collaboration for remote workers with best-of-breed voice and video conferencing applications from Cisco.
  • Enjoy always-on voice and video conferencing–Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN Secure prioritizes the bandwidth and network resources your remote employees need to stay connected 24/7.
    • Masergy offers the industry’s best service level agreements with 100% in-sequence packet delivery and less than 1 millisecond of jitter
    • AIOps automates network performance evaluations to quickly optimize your bandwidth utilization and network performance
  • Rest easy knowing your network is protected with built-in firewalls and streamlined options that include 24/7 security monitoring and management via Masergy’s SASE offerings
  • Access cloud calling, virtual meetings, and global collaboration – all in a fully managed service with global availability in 120 countries (SIP trunking and PSTN replacement is available in 25 countries).

The confidence of predictable communications performance for team collaboration

It is possible to deliver a world-class UCaaS experience across the globe while taking advantage of the industry’s most innovative cloud collaboration applications. Masergy offers a blend of high performance, assured security, constant uptime, and simplicity with our bundled UCaaS and SD-WAN/SASE offering. Without SD-WAN, your cloud communications experience will only last you as far as your legacy network can take you.

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