What digital transformation looks like now: Omdia webinar has the outlook for Europe

Avatar for Jody GilliamBy Jody Gilliam|May 13, 2020|7:30 am CDT

Digital transformation has always been a moving target, but now more so than ever. Technologically speaking, these are the best of times with IT leaders making moves to take advantage of cloud innovations, AI-powered advances, and software-defined agility. But the current suppressed state of the global economy makes it also feel like the worst of times as executives recalculate their business strategies.

What does the digital transformation outlook look like for Europe–in the 2020 pandemic world?

Omdia’s Chief Analyst, Camille Mendler, has answers in our webinar. Don’t miss Masergy’s live event where she will unpack insights from European enterprises surveyed as the pandemic lockdown began, helping IT leaders understand accelerating trends and why business health is increasingly dependent on a secure and adaptive digital environment. Watch the webinar on-demand

The best of times: IT freedom and convergence

We’re living in one of the most digitally advanced moments in history. Networks are creating a smart, hyperconnected world of rich interactions between people and things. From augmented reality to predictive analytics and automation, industries are being redefined. In the IT arena, innovations are pronounced in these areas:

  • Workforce Freedom: Once considered the “future of work,” the digitally distributed workforce is now becoming the de facto standard. With a jumpstart from COVID-19, remote workstyles of all types and across all locations are being embraced and supported by digital collaboration technologies that make telecommuting highly effective.
  • Network Choice and Flexibility: Unprecedented network service choices make it a great time to be modernising IT environments. From the changing shape of the WAN edge to designing hybrid network connectivity that mixes and matches private and public access methodologies, leaders are enjoying a wealth of possibilities from a wide spectrum of providers.
  • Security and network convergence: Security is becoming a natural extension of the network environment. New features are blurring the lines between the two IT domains, making cloud security, threat detection, and incident response a natural extension of the network and its appliances.

The worst of times: New challenges bring a new set of priorities

Digital transformation historically comes with challenges around security, cloud application delivery, data analysis and technical know-how. With COVID-19, those issues remain and become compounded by shifts in business needs and market rhythms. European enterprises are scaling back discretionary and experimental trials as they go into survival mode. Now, they are focused only on the most urgent needs of the business.

Digital transformation now

With all these dynamics at play, where do IT leaders go from here? How do network modernisation strategies fit into the objectives of European companies? Now is a great time to take a fresh look at the digital transformation trends today, and Omdia stands ready to be your guide. Don’t miss the webinar. Attendees will learn:

  • The SD-WAN growth trajectory and why the pandemic may increase adoption
  • How expectations are changing around digital platforms and self-management options
  • Where investments will focus and who enterprises should favor to support transformation

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