When Was the Last Time You Used Your SaaS APIs? How iPaaS Removes Integration Complexity

April 6th, 2018

I recently returned from Enterprise Connect 2018, where I found myself asking attendees, “When was the last time you used your SaaS application APIs?” The responses I received were more often than not a shrug of the shoulders, a shake of the head, or even a “never” quickly followed by a laugh of embarrassment.

The fact is, digital transformation continues to be top of mind for IT leaders as they plan for and support their strategic initiatives. The foundational element to a successful digital transformation is automation of workflows and business processes.

Companies have a lot of cloud apps, and those apps have APIs. But it’s a hassle to make all of it work together. The investment required to integrate SaaS APIs into your technology stack and automate processes is time consuming and costly. Attracting IT personnel, software engineers and architects with the information security, programming, and development skills needed to make automation initiatives a success is difficult considering today’s quality talent shortage.

Therefore, SaaS APIs have become one of the most useful yet underutilized opportunities in business process integration and automation. Everyone talks about APIs. But, no one uses them because API integration has historically required resources and processes that many mid-market and enterprise organizations don’t have the time, capacity, or budget to take on. To truly leverage the benefits of SaaS APIs and workflow automation, an organization might need:

Just because the APIs are available doesn’t mean that the enterprise has a clearly defined outcome that they need–much less a cost savings justification for the integration investment.

The need to bridge the gaps between your employees, their ideas and applications, and the execution of daily repeatable tasks is increasing by tenfold each year. But, if you thought you needed a third-party developer to hardwire applications together, think again. An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) bypasses the complexity of APIs and delivers integration simplicity.

An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) bypasses the complexity of APIs and delivers integration simplicity

iPaaS easily supports all the functionality associated with complex programming without the need for costly programmers to write the code. Drag-and-drop builders in the visual workflow designer empower business managers to become “citizen developers,” connecting their favorite Masergy Global UCaaS features with SaaS applications (like Salesforce, Office 355, Slack, Hubspot, Basecamp, Google Docs) to create sophisticated workflows.

There’s no script writing required and you don’t have to set up a server to relay API information or set up a processing engine.

iPaaS removes complexity by normalizing and abstracting APIs, allowing users to connect applications just like they would if they were drawing a Visio process diagram. Just move applications into a visual workflow and draw out the logic using the tools given. Users don’t have to know anything about APIs, and they don’t have to set up a server to relay API information or a processing engine. All they need to know is the next step in the process.

iPaaS solves the API intimidation problem by allowing people to develop their own automation without engaging programmers. So, you can go from conception to execution extremely quickly.

Cloudpipes is Masergy’s iPaaS technology partner, and has built normalized API channels that incorporate Masergy Global UCaaS features into its iPaaS platform. At Enterprise Connect, Masergy demonstrated how easy it is to automate UCaaS user provisioning using a Microsoft Active Directory trigger, simplifying new employee onboarding and the system administration associated with it. The management of user profiles has historically been a mundane and inefficient task, requiring the use of multiple administration portals, but with iPaaS, UCaaS user management is easy.

If you haven’t seen a demonstration of how iPaaS works, contact Masergy today to explore how new advancements can help you quickly and easily automate even the most complex business processes.

Jody Gilliam

With 15+ years of experience developing content-focused marketing strategies for technology companies, Jody crafts thought leadership articles and develops research ideas to support Masergy’s marketing initiatives. Her background in journalism serves her well, as she works closely with industry analysts and Masergy’s top leaders to publish engaging content. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English and communications from Southwestern University and her master’s degree in digital marketing from the University of Denver.

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