Why Masergy? The Network at the Forefront and Excitement for What’s Next

December 3rd, 2018

I am delighted and honored to be officially stepping into the role of CEO at Masergy today. With the recent announcement, a lot of people have asked me why I came to Masergy and why now? My background in software and telecommunications are a natural fit with Masergy, but really, it starts with digital transformation and key fundamental elements that make Masergy extraordinarily compelling.

The Network at the Forefront

We’re living in an era of transformational change where companies are digitizing business processes across IT foundations, driving a very real technological revolution that’s redefining every industry.

IT advancements are indisputable and are placing the network in a position of prominence. Applications are becoming exponentially more sophisticated, more connected and are now able to deliver greater outcomes across a variety of business models, offerings, and value chains. Software defined networking principles have reimagined the IT infrastructure, enabling hybrid networks and infusing agility into the IT environment so every enterprise has the power to safely experiment with emerging technologies and outpace today’s accelerated velocity of change. Transformation is also paramount in the world of data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT, which are helping companies become digital disruptors.

To seize all of these opportunities and to spark innovation, the network must be at the forefront, and it must be bolstered by security and deep visibility. The IT infrastructure acts as the source of transformation. It’s the behind-the-scenes enabler fueling the future of every enterprise. Today’s technological revolution and the digital transformation journey that each enterprise must make are both refreshing to me personally, as they put the network and Masergy at the center of change.

Masergy’s Visionary Platform, a Foundation for Digital Transformation

Masergy isn’t burdened by any legacy technologies. We don’t have those barriers, which means our platform is based on software defined networking principles that are proven to deliver digital transformation. Secure hybrid networkingmanaged security, and cloud communications are the ecosystem of technologies that, when working in unison, charge the creativity and productivity enterprises need for accelerated ingenuity.

Masergy’s technological foundation is positioned to dominate the industry and presents a tremendous opportunity for any type of global enterprise. Masergy is a company that has a clear and forward-leaning vision aimed at helping customers operate faster than the speed of digital disruption and “be what’s next.” We’re the type of partner preferred by executives who seek to become a force, overturning legacy incumbents and reshaping their industry. Looking ahead, our next wave of innovation is exhilarating.

A Culture of Success Focused on Customer Experience and Innovation

To complement these strengths, Masergy has a corporate culture that fosters innovation and service excellence. Every Masergy solution is designed based on guiding principles that prioritize the customer’s business outcomes, user needs, and future plans. With unparalleled service backed by tenured employees and a network of partners, Masergy cultivates an engaged and involved community. At the center of it all, the company facilitates transparency, creating an environment of openness and accessibility.

Masergy’s proven history, 99 percent customer retention, industry-leading Net Promoter Scores, and leadership in developing self-adjusting networks are additional evidence of the fiery enthusiasm for customer partnership and the pioneering spirit of invention that both run deep in this organization.

All of this explains why I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have an extreme passion for this company.

For these reasons, Masergy is truly energizing and inspiring, and I believe wholeheartedly in its vision and mission. As I take on the role of CEO, I am very proud to be part of this talented team and extremely excited to join in this amazing journey!

The best years at Masergy are the years to come.

James Parker

With more than two decades of leadership experience in the high-tech industry, James Parker joined Masergy as CEO in 2018. He leads the company vision and strategy execution and has a track record of building high-energy, high-performing leadership teams that have successfully delivered profitable growth through multiple technology and business transformations. Prior to Masergy, James served as Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Tata Communications where he led sales, marketing, service management, delivery, and communications. He previously held SVP positions at CenturyLink and served Microsoft’s Enterprise and Partner Group for more than 13 years. James holds an MBA from the University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management.

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