Adept Technology

About Adept

Adept Technology, Inc. (Adept) is a leading global provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics systems and services. Founded in 1983, it is the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial robots enabling customers to achieve precision, quality and productivity in their assembly, handling and packaging processes.

With seven global locations in California, New Hampshire, China, Singapore, Denmark, Germany and France, Adept manufactures, markets, distributes and supports its products worldwide, both directly and through channel partners. Adept provides a broad range of highly reliable and configurable, intelligent robot, controller, vision and software products along with world-class service to allow manufacturers to maximize the productivity, flexibility and quality of their products.

“With Masergy, we have received customized consulting and proactive and instantaneous customer support.  Working with them has truly been refreshing!”

Patrick O’Sullivan
IT Director


Adept was operating on a peer-to-peer virtual private network (VPN) and had to manage multiple network providers at their various corporate locations. With a large number of employees in widespread global locations who relied on accessibility into their email, intranet, ERP systems and collaboration software applications, Adept required a seamless network solution with guaranteed application performance to improve business productivity. They also needed a network flexible enough to scale as the company expanded; efficient enough to support least-cost routing for calls; and high-performance enough to implement video collaboration. Finally, they sought a reliable network service provider that offered proactive network management and responsive customer service.

Bridgepointe Technologies (Bridgepointe), an Internet and telecommunication service brokerage house, provides telephony services and consultation to Adept and is a trusted local partner. Adept chose Bridgepointe to identify a global network solution provider that could meet these stringent requirements. Bridgepointe’s tenured sales and operations team utilized its working network and communications experience to provide a thorough assessment of various solutions and administer extensive comparative studies and gap analysis reports. Bridgepointe recommended Masergy’s global network platform for all of Adept’s locations and introduced Masergy’s technical team.


Adept was impressed by the Masergy account team’s technical knowledge and ability to understand Adept’s business and technology challenges. Their willingness to listen allowed the account team to provide a comprehensive network solution that included monitoring and managing Adept’s network connections 24/7 for all the locations around the world.

After comparing Masergy’s solution with those from larger network providers, Adept concluded that Masergy was the only solutions provider that could meet all of its needs and goals in a manner that was optimal and cost-competitive. Bridgepointe and Masergy worked with Adept to initiate a phased implementation plan to avoid service disruptions and ensure a smooth transition. Now, Adept uses Masergy as its primary provider across all of its locations with:

  • VPLS ensuring secure connectivity and global scalability
  • Intelligent Network Analyst providing sophisticated real-time monitoring and control

Business Success

With Masergy’s seamless network platform, Adept now enjoys stable network connections between all of its global locations. The quality and performance of the network fosters global collaboration among the company’s engineering community, improving productivity and increasing efficiency. Adding sites to its network has been greatly simplified with Masergy’s consolidated network platform and single point of contact for global service activation.

Additionally, Masergy’s customer service team provides training and support to help the internal IT staff better utilize the embedded network tools. Masergy’s future proof network with guaranteed real-time application performance supports Adept’s plans to roll out video conferencing and VoIP over the Microsoft Lync platform.

The Bridgepointe/Masergy partnership allows the Adept IT team to spend less time on network issues and instead focus on core responsibilities critical to improving overall business productivity. The two companies’ service expertise provides Adept with a host of benefits, including:

  • Local consulting expertise for customized network solutions
  • Reliable network platform built for global connectivity
  • Cost savings with streamlined implementation
  • Scalable bandwidth for real-time changes and future expansion
  • Increased productivity through network efficiency and no downtime
  • Proactive customer service with round-the-clock monitoring and always-available expert technical support