• Essen Health Care

    Essen Health Care partnered with Masergy to upgrade legacy PBX technology. Learn how Global Unified Communications as a Service and Cloud Contact Center solutions enable enterprise-grade call routing and comprehensive management capabilities.

  • Eurostar

    High-speed train company Eurostar partners with Masergy for cloud digital transformation that leverages Amazon Web Services. See how Masergy ensures network reliability that supports streamlined web, mobile, and call center experiences.

  • Intertrust

    Legal and financial services company Intertrust Group uses Masergy’s network and managed security solutions to tackle security risks and multi-country compliance demands. Explore how the IT team responds to regulations, buys back time, and delivers bandwidth on demand.

  • PRGX

    When financial service provider PRGX needed a global network to support a big data analytics service across 30 countries, they turned to Masergy’s software defined platform. Hear how they process nearly 8 petabytes of data significantly faster.

  • Ancestry.com

    With Ancestry.com’s rapidly expanding footprint and ever-increasing demand for processing power, Masergy’s global network service delivers. Understand what powers this hyperscale web company to serve 2M subscribers and handle 75M daily searches.

  • Amgen

    On the forefront of the life sciences industry, Amgen relies on Masergy to future-proof their network and serve subsidiaries all around the world. Learn how their infrastructure provides seamless connections backed by visibility, analytics, and global service guarantees.

  • HOP Energy

    When network downtime started spurring 20 help calls per day, HOP Energy turned to Masergy for a solution. See how fully-managed hybrid networking reduces costs by 60 percent, proactively addressing bottlenecks and ensuring redundancy.

  • Canyons School District

    With a lean IT budget serving 33,000 students across 45 facilities, Canyons School District traded costly PBX systems for Unified Communications as a Service. Learn how Masergy customized the service to make schools safer and delivers $360K in annual savings.

  • Elevate

    Online credit services company Elevate needed a managed services provider to expand their security workforce. Hear how Unified Enterprise Security helped the company avoid hiring 3-4 more IT experts and proved to be the creative problem solvers Elevate needed.

  • US Electrodynamics Inc

    U.S. Electrodynamics Inc. (USEI) wanted a reliable and affordable way to deliver live TV broadcast feeds to customers in Japan. Explore how Masergy's software defined platform started transmitting high-quality video over IP in only a few short minutes after setup.