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About PCL Construction

The PCL family of companies is a group of independent construction companies working out of major offices in 28 locations across Canada, the United States and the Bahamas. These companies form the largest general contracting organization in Canada and the eighth largest in the United States with an annual construction volume of more than $5 billion. Utilizing more than 3,000 full-time professional and administrative staff, PCL builds in three main sectors: building, infrastructure and heavy industrial. PCL believes in the art of bringing superior value to the construction process — for all clients — from project start to project finish.

“With Masergy’s superior quality network, we are able to use high-definition video conferencing to facilitate meetings with all of our offices, making scheduling easier for our executives and avoiding excessive air travel and all of the hassles and frustrations that come with it.”

Mike Plante
Senior Materials Manager


With offices spread across North America, PCL executives used to spend a significant amount of time and money traveling the continent for meetings. Two-hour meetings sometimes consumed two days when accommodating travel time. Realizing that the company could save valuable time and money conducting meetings via video conferencing, PCL decided to purchase high-quality video conferencing equipment.

The company’s initial experience with Internet-based video conferencing revealed an unreliable level of quality for PCL’s high-performance standards. They found their primary data network provider was unable to guarantee the quality of service and the service level assurances they required for video. They started looking for a superior network provider that could support their high-definition (HD) video conferencing equipment.


PCL found that Masergy delivers its services across a pure IP MPLS network purpose-built to support real-time application performance. Masergy’s services were backed by an unsurpassed service level agreement (SLA), including 100 percent in-sequence packet delivery for video services. In January 2007, Masergy and PCL began implementing Masergy’s Intelligent Connectivity product with Video QoS at four of PCL’s locations. Today, Masergy supports video communications for all of PCL’s offices across North America. Masergy’s Video QoS is specifically engineered to deliver guaranteed superior-quality video conferencing at all times, under all network conditions. Masergy also deployed its industry unique service called Router less Office for five of PCL’s locations. The Routerless Office solution allow for cost savings by removing a router deployed at office locations with less than 50 LAN devices. Masergy can instead deliver a native Ethernet connection to the office’s Layer 2 LAN switch via its Masergy Intelligent Bridge device.

“While we had high-definition video equipment, we realized that it is the network that determines the quality of the video conference. The Masergy implementation was seamless, and the sales team has always been responsive to our needs.”

Mike Plante
Senior Materials Manager

Business Success

The easily deployed, seamless network experience provided by Masergy for PCL provided a high-quality, scalable solution with no delays, jitter or pixeling. With convenient and reliable access to Masergy’s superior-quality video solution, PCL employees are virtually connected among locations across the continent, increasing effective and productive use of the team’s valuable time and the company’s resources.

Since the high-definition video conferencing network has been implemented, PCL has incorporated large project reviews via video conference instead of the traditional in-person reviews. At these reviews, it is very important for PCL’s executives to be able to see the people’s faces, expressions and paperwork on hand. The high quality conferencing solution has made this possible.

PCL has also proactively set up additional video conferencing meetings to enhance internal communication. They plan to use the capability to hold their district year-end reviews via video-conferencing instead of the previous routine of conducting in-person reviews at each branch. Executives across North America will be able to use high-definition, uninterrupted video conferencing to interact remotely with employees.

In addition to increasing network simplicity, efficiency and reliability, Masergy’s videoconferencing solution provides noticeable cost savings, reduced travel time and increased productivity. Each year, PCL estimates the company will save more than $200,000 by eliminating travel time and costs.

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