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About Torus

Torus Insurance provides commercial, professional, and specialty insurance and reinsurance products to a global client base through its U.K., U.S., and Bermuda-based insurance subsidiaries. It provides three main products: Global Casualty, Global Property, and Reinsurance.

Torus Insurance Holdings Limited is the Bermudian holding company of three insurance entities, Torus Insurance (U.K.) Ltd, an FSA-regulated U.K. business, Torus Specialty Insurance Inc., a U.S. excess and surplus lines insurer, and Torus Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd, a Class-4 insurer domiciled in Hamilton, Bermuda.

“Network bandwidth is always in demand, so it is refreshing and highly useful to be able to adjust bandwidth amounts at any time from an over-provisioned stock. As the business needs change, we can easily increase the bandwidth used, giving us complete flexibility as well as future-proofing the network.”

Marc Bennett
Network Architect


As a rapidly expanding global company, Torus required a network solution to ensure reliable and direct communication between 11 office sites worldwide. Torus had a clear vision of what they needed from their corporate network and requested advanced next-generation global network services to support data services over a single end-to-end network connection.

With a large global footprint, Torus sought a responsive provider with capabilities to manage the network and provide proven reliability, scalability, and cost-savings.


Before Masergy, Torus operated its network from London and New York offices which the IT team connected via Internet VPNs without using a dedicated service provider. After evaluating services offered by other providers, Torus found that Masergy had superior services compared to traditional providers that are often hampered by the need to constantly upgrade their networks. Masergy stood out because of its global software-defined network, wherein others failed based on complications and costs associated with legacy network upgrades.

Masergy implemented its SD-VPN service with MPLS, delivering a secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage network environment with guaranteed site-to-site QoS. After Torus’ rapid business expansion, Masergy brought offices online in London, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Amsterdam, New Delhi, and Bermuda, as well as data centers in London, Toronto, and Bermuda.

Masergy also implemented its Intelligent Network Analyst which gives Torus the ability to track its network traffic and application performance in depth, thus giving the company ultimate flexibility in bandwidth adjustments. Torus can view and filter traffic by application, port, protocol, IP address and QoS service plane, or view “Top-Talkers” identifying the IP address pairs that generate the most traffic.

“We have the guarantee from Masergy that any further expansion of the business will be supported by offices going immediately online. As soon as a Masergy circuit is installed, we have the peace of mind that the office is fully set up and ready to go.”

James Harrison
Global Infrastructure Manager

Business Success

Through Masergy’s multi-site network implementation, Torus found that its Bermuda site realized large cost-savings and cost only ten percent of the traditional market price for the network implementation. Due to its location, Bermuda would typically add a major cost to a global company’s total network spending, but with Masergy in play, the site only added ten percent to Torus’ total network office expansion costs.

Network latency is important to Torus as the business uses cloud-based applications which require speedy availability. Torus’ IT team boasts that Masergy has the fastest network of any provider the company has experienced, as communication between its geographically dispersed offices is now always immediate without latency issues.

Billing and collections processes are typically one of the primary areas for enterprise customer confusion and dissatisfaction. Usually complex, cumbersome and frustrating, billing process issues can stem from a carrier’s multiple mergers, resulting in the integration of dozens of billing and other back office systems.

That is not the case with Masergy. As a service-oriented company, Masergy’s bills are always correct and delivered on time and, therefore, Torus is not lost reconciling endless spreadsheets to determine the payment due.

Masergy’s customer satisfaction in provisioning and support were found to be equally exceptional, as Masergy quickly and efficiently installed circuits. In terms of support, Torus actively receives notifications of network upgrades, and work tickets are raised automatically thereby avoiding the need to make numerous phone calls and requests before work would be done.

Finally, Masergy’s level of service and size compared with larger Tier 1 providers contributes significantly to Torus’ high level of customer satisfaction, as the IT team rests assured they can always speak to live engineers at any time day or night.