Stroz investigates high-profile data breaches with real-time IT responsiveness

“Compared to our previous Tier 1 provider, with Masergy, we doubled our bandwidth, received enhanced network reliability, flexibility and control and superior customer support and simple billing — all while saving money.”

Stephen Doty
Vice President of IT


Stroz Friedberg is a digital risk management firm that works at the intersection of technology, law and behavioral science. Corporations, law firms, government agencies and the courts rely on Stroz Friedberg for its objective and thorough analyses and solutions, including digital forensics, data breach and cybercrime response, security risk consulting, electronic discovery, business intelligence and investigations.

The firm’s digital forensics teams are usually some of the first people on the scene in high-profile cases, collecting and preserving data. That data is then pushed to Stroz Friedberg’s data centers, where the company’s proprietary Stroz Review electronic discovery platform provides a centralized and hosted method for law firms and attorneys to review information.

This capability, combined with Stroz Friedberg’s steady growth and global expansion, created the need for a robust global MPLS network to serve as the backbone for the company’s data management, application performance and communications needs.

Recognized results

Stroz Friedberg used a well-known Tier 1 carrier network to connect the firm’s offices and data centers in the US and had a separate network provider for their UK operations. By early 2011, the IT team for Stroz Friedberg noticed that the company’s existing provider was unable to keep up with the firm’s evolving business, and decided that a change was needed. Their existing network was not flexible and scalable enough to support their growing business requirements and they were also looking to lower costs by consolidating to a single provider for all their global offices. The firm also wished to implement video conferencing capabilities across the enterprise, and it needed a network that could support and guarantee reliable, highquality video communications.


Stroz Friedberg chose Masergy because of its high-quality MPLS network, combined with the provider’s strong commitment to customer support. Stephen Doty, Vice President, IT for Stroz Friedberg says “Masergy demonstrated a very flexible and scalable network that offered unmatched visibility and control through hosted tools embedded in the network. We also loved the idea of having a dedicated project manager for our complete network provisioning, as well as the ability to easily control and optimize bandwidth through Masergy’s cloud-based Intelligent Service Control portal.”

Masergy today serves as Stroz Friedberg’s primary provider, with data redundancy built into the network by homing to separate Masergy POPs. Stroz Friedberg runs multiple business applications over the Masergy network, including email, Internet, SharePoint, enterprise voice over IP (VOIP), HD video conferencing, a sophisticated file transfer application, and the firm’s proprietary Stroz Review e-discovery platform.

Services provided by Masergy include:

Business success

Enhanced Productivity — The Masergy network has resulted in significant productivity gains in terms of man-hours and money saved. “When sending data from our remote offices to our data centers, we used to queue data and put that information onto hard drives, and then overnight the hard drives to the data centers,” said Doty. “With Masergy, we can now use their network and the private cloud they established, to push data from our corporate offices to our data centers in real-time. This new ability saves time and shipping costs, and helps us meet tight, court-driven deadlines.”

Flexibility & Scalability — Masergy’s flexible network has allowed Stroz Friedberg to quickly and seamlessly expand its network to new locations as the firm expands. Since the move to Masergy, the company has not only expanded to new offices, but they have also easily increased bandwidth at many existing locations.

Analysis & Visibility — Masergy’s Intelligent Network Analyst tool has helped Stroz Friedberg monitor and manage the network, providing them with greater reporting and network visibility. With the tool, network personnel can now keep a constant eye on data usage and transfer rates, while helping them assess if higher bandwidth is required at any Stroz Friedberg location.

Bandwidth Optimization & Control — Whenever the company’s IT personnel decide that bandwidth changes or any other account adjustments are necessary, they can easily make those modifications down to a granular level with Masergy’s cloud-based Intelligent Service Control portal. For example, if Stroz Friedberg is anticipating heavy data transfers from any of its corporate locations to its data center, network managers can quickly adjust bandwidth available for the locations.

Proactive and Responsive Customer Service — Masergy’s NOC proactively monitors Stroz Friedberg’s network, and instantly notifies key executives of any issues — often before their in-house team detects a problem. “With our previous provider, all support calls began by working through an automated attendant for 15 minutes, after which we’d spend an additional 15 minutes talking to an operator, repeating the exact same information,” said Jean Gobin, Assistant Director of IT at Stroz Friedberg. “Masergy’s customer support has been a huge improvement. Anytime we call into their NOC, we get a live engineer to quickly answer our calls and immediately address the question or issue at hand.”

Simplified Billing — With the switch to Masergy, Stroz Friedberg’s invoicing and billing was greatly simplified. “With our previous provider, you needed a PhD to navigate through their bills, and we suffered an administrative nightmare with confusing invoices,” said Doty. “Masergy invoices are very simple and we can clearly understand the bill. The Masergy approach has saved our accounting team lots of administrative time that they used to spend navigating through the previous carrier’s bills.”

Partnership — Stroz Friedberg has considered Masergy a true partner to their firm since the beginning of the relationship. “We look at Masergy as a strategic partner for our business,” said Doty. “Whenever we need to scale our network, they are very easy to reach, and they provide us the best possible options and follow up with a dedicated project manager and single point-of-contact for global installations.”

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