U.S. Electrodynamics, Inc.

USEI delivers high-definition video worldwide without sacrificing cost or reliability

About USEI

USEI is a privately held, Veteran-owned, business founded in 1985 and headquartered near Seattle in Brewster, WA. USEI’s Brewster Ground Station (BGS), also located in Brewster, has been in operation since 1966 and is the premier teleport in the Pacific Northwest.

The company provides government and commercial teleport services including broadcast, multicast, and IP (Internet Protocol) delivery. USEI hosts and distributes satellite internet services and provides network solutions for a wide range of private, commercial, and government users.

USEI has over 25 years’ of experience in both the satellite and terrestrial industries. BGS has delivered teleport services to Atlantic, US Domestic, and Pacific Ocean satellites since its inception.

Originally constructed by COMSAT who built the 30M, BRW-01A antenna, USEI has built and operated over 54 RF systems in C, Extended C, Ku and Ka bands. The BGS has transmitted and received signals to/from GEO stationary satellites since 1966 and MEO satellites since 1990.

“Many people in the industry didn’t believe that broadcast, live video over MPLS could work. But, we learned that if you have the right network such as Masergy’s with the right equipment and the right configuration in place, it would not only work, but work reliably and affordably. Masergy’s flexible and reliable network has created an entirely new business model for us.”

Satoshi Ono
Director of Business Development


For U.S. Electrodynamics Inc. (USEI), delivering high-quality and reliable television broadcast feeds is vital to building the teleport service company’s growing global business. With its primary teleport just outside of Seattle in Brewster, Washington, USEI provides satellite uplinks and downlinks for broadcast companies transmitting video between U.S., Asia and Europe.

In 2010, USEI was looking to connect its Brewster teleport into KDDI Corp. in Tokyo via traditional fiber-based networks. But after looking at his connectivity options, Satoshi Ono, director of business development for USEI, sought a more flexible and affordable solution. During his research, Satoshi discovered that despite traditional thinking among most broadcast executives and engineers, high-quality video transmission over Internet protocol (IP) could work, and could be affordable.

So USEI began researching global network providers that could help them seamlessly support and transmit high-quality live feeds to broadcast customers in Japan.


After considering several vendors, Satoshi and USEI selected Masergy’s global software-defined network platform to connect USEI’s Brewster location to Tokyo, New York, and London. Satoshi said several key differentiators separated Masergy from the pack. “When we discovered that network bandwidth could be easily and quickly adjusted in real-time through Masergy’s service portal, we knew it was something special,” said Satoshi. “Masergy also provides public Internet connectivity on the same circuit as the private connection. No other provider we knew was able to offer those key features.”

USEI also uses Masergy to connect with its co-located presence at Encompass Digital Media’s popular New York broadcast facility, providing global TV and digital media networks access to USEI’s global services and capabilities.

Products and services provided by Masergy, include:

Business Success

USEI has witnessed multiple benefits from its partnership with Masergy, including:

High-Quality Video Over IP — With Masergy’s global network, USEI goes beyond the traditional delivery model for broadcast-quality video transmissions, reliably delivering high-definition video across IP to locations in the U.S., Japan, and Europe. For example, Japanese Sports Network (J Sports) uses USEI to transport MLB, Golf Channel, NBA, and NFL network broadcast content from locations in the U.S. over Masergy’s global network to Japan.

“With Masergy’s premiere global network, we have dispelled the myth that high-quality live video cannot be delivered over IP,” said Satoshi. “Not only have we made it possible, but we have consistently delivered high-quality live video feeds for some of the largest broadcasting companies in the world.”

Flexibility — Masergy’s flexible network helps USEI and its customers quickly and easily adapt to unanticipated network changes.

For example, during the tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011, NBC selected USEI to set up and transmit live feeds from Tokyo to USEI’s Brewster teleport and across the Masergy network to New York. When a strong aftershock damaged undersea cables, the Masergy circuit quickly and automatically re-routed.

“During the disturbance and quick fail-over, we only lost 2,000 data packets, which equaled a mere one-second glitch in the feed,” said Satoshi “All other networks were down for days, but NBC via USEI and Masergy continued its live coverage from Tokyo to the U.S. The other networks subsequently sent all of their content through the USEI/Masergy network — proving that broadcast video over a reliable global network such as Masergy’s works perfectly.”

Reliability — With the Masergy global network and dedicated, QoS-enabled video plane, all data packets are securely submitted and received in order. This results in a consistent and reliable connection that delivers high-quality, high-definition video to and from any USEI location worldwide.

“Masergy has helped us consistently deliver high-quality live video feeds for the world’s largest broadcast networks.”

Satoshi Ono
Director of Business Development

Simplified Setup — Masergy’s network also proved easier for USEI to deploy and set up at new broadcast locations.

“Masergy’s network is very flexible and easy to implement, and setup was amazingly fast,” said Satoshi. “When we initially deployed our network in London, we began transmitting high-definition video to our Brewster teleport in only a few short minutes after setup. This was a welcome change from other traditional options for broadcasting we had used before.”

High-touch Customer Service — Masergy’s agile customer service has proven to meet USEI’s fluctuating needs and issues. For example, once when scheduled routine network maintenance conflicted with vital programming for one of USEI’s major customers, Masergy was quick to respond and reschedule the routine service for a more convenient time — a trait that Satoshi says is uncommon among other network providers.

Adjustable Network and Account Services — Masergy’s Intelligent Service Control portal was a major selling point for USEI and has proved very useful. With the cloud-based service, USEI management has been able to quickly and easily view and adjust network bandwidth to meet their needs for any given timeframe. The portal also lets them add new services, interact with customer support and access billing information.