Call Recording

Cloud-Based Hosted Call Reporting

Masergy provides a Cloud Based Hosted Call Recording option, to easily record all incoming and outgoing telephone calls without the need for additional hardware or software. There are no limits to the number of calls recorded and no limit on the length of each call.

Recorded calls are easily managed, cataloged, and retrieved, and can be played back for up to 30 days before deletion. Subscribers may also download any recorded calls and keep them locally for as long as they wish. Customers can archive their call recordings using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Scalable & Fully Integrated

Masergy’s call recording architecture is a scalable, fully integrated architecture which allows for changes in the business size and the number of calls recorded. There are no restrictions on the number of seats, or the recording time. The system uses a fully integrated architecture providing a single point of contact for all calls regardless of the multitude of contact points.

Masergy’s call recording supports organizations with multiple locations through one single point of access. All recorded calls are securely stored in one web location and can be accessed through the web from any location.

Robust Reporting & Features

Robust reporting of recorded calls and calls in progress can be accessed through a browser through multiple data points such as the telephone number, date or time, and other filters provided by the system. Supervisors can listen to customer service calls as they are being recorded without the call participants hearing it.

Documentation & Downloads

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