Masergy Web Collaborator

Masergy provides a feature-rich web collaboration and video conferencing tool for hosting online meetings, webinars and training. Masergy Collaborator provides useful, customizable, efficiency-driven features that simplify how today’s organizations manage and attend meetings. With face-to-face, multi-person video, organizations can broaden their collaborative toolset and deepen engagement by doing more – from call scheduling, demonstrating products and hosting targeted webinars, to using desktop application or sharing.

As a hosted service, Masergy Collaborator provides an easy-to-use online interface. The technology behind it enables convenient access to sessions and meetings free of firewall and proxy barriers, so that participants can connect easily without wasting time trying to get into the session.

Masergy Collaborator includes applications for meetings, webinars, learning and support and more

  • Manage and start meetings right from your browser.
  • Full screen sharing, regional screen sharing, and application sharing.
  • “Pass the floor” to have someone use your mouse.
  • Have others show their screen and pass their mouse, perfect for troubleshooting.
  • Upload files in advance for professional presentations including pdf, powerpoint, and more.
  • White boarding is easy and can clarify a point quickly.
  • Annotate your screen sharing, document sharing and even web browsing to be certain people are looking where you need them to.
  • Media push allows you to push a website that your guests can browse. But when you direct them to a new site, they get a push again to keep them with you.
  • Pricing is per month for all-you-can eat web meetings based on maximum participants and outlined features below.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive Interface – rich and easy to use
  • Multi-Person Video – puts sales and service teams face-to-face with customers
  • Multiple Language Support – add additional or edit existing languages
  • Full End-to-End Encryption – SSL and up to AES-256 encryption
  • Integrated Audio Conferencing – Leverage Meet-Me Audio Conferencing
  • Closed Captioning – enable closed captioning in live sessions and recordings
  • Green Meter – provides automated tracking and calculation of emissions, travel and cost savings
  • Third Party Integration – integrate with applications like Outlook, Salesforce, Facebook, etc. and open SOAP-based web services
  • Passcode Join – join sessions using the audio conference moderator code and passcode
Web Collaborator 8 25 100 250
Attendees (Maximum) 8 25 100 250
Sharing (Desktop, Region & Application) Desktop Y Y Y
PowerPoint Presentation, Whiteboards,& Annotation Y Y Y Y
Chat (Public and Private) Y Y Y Y
Attendee Video Y Y Y Y
File Transfer Y Y Y Y
Recording Y Y Y Y
Reporting Y Y Y Y
Meet-Me Conference Integration Y Y Y Y
Synchronized Web Browsing Y Y Y
Breakout Groups Y Y
Closed Captioning Y Y
“Glimpse” (Remote Desktop Screen Capture) Y Y
Polling, Surveys and Tests Y Y
Webinar Registration Tools Y
Storage 1GB 2GB 5GB 10GB

Masergy Collaborator

Quick Start Guide
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Outlook Add-In Quick Guide
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