SIP Pooling

Savings Made Easy

Realize significant cost savings with Masergy’s Intelligent SIP Trunk Pooling. Rather than  provision to peak demand for each location, we allow you to “pool” concurrent call sessions across multiple locations reducing the total number of trunks required.

For example, three locations that each require a peak call capacity of 50 would typically require a total of 150 trunks.  In most use cases, these services are being under utilize most of the time. With Masergy SIP Pooling, capacity is allocated at an aggregate level which saves money by more effectively allocating calling resources across the entire enterprise.

SIP Pooling | Intelligent SIP Trunking

Enhance Business Continuity

Masergy’s SIP Trunk Pooling makes the distributed model as economical as the centralized model AND delivers a lower risk of service interruption by automatically routing traffic to other available locations.

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