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Demand for First-Class Customer Service Has Never Been Higher

Many companies still use human agents to do common data collection and intake tasks that are repetitive, prone to human error, and create customer friction.

While service leaders are under tremendous pressure to reduce service times and deliver new innovations in client care, many are still trying to understand if their old Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can handle the increase in demand for intelligent self-service.

Focus On What Matters Most

Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent automates routine and repetitive conversations, freeing your live agents to provide value where they’re most needed. Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent powers virtual assistant, chatbot, and queueing features for Masergy Global UCaaS and Cloud Contact Center.

Many companies still use human agents to do repetitive tasks. Assigning those tasks to Virtual Agents will help your organization significantly decrease support costs. You pay for Virtual Agents just like their human counterparts. They just never rest or take a vacation—and they’re substantially cheaper.

Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent Has Pre-Developed Skills So You Can Start Working Immediately:

Why an Intelligent Virtual Agent?

Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent provides more substantive outcomes than a standard automated advisor, run-of-the-mill bot, or IVR system. Unlike similar solutions offered by competitors, our new conversational AI makes it easier to provide immediate response to consumers by augmenting the self-service features inherent to Masergy Global UCaaS and Cloud Contact Center.

How Does It Work?

Whether over the phone or through a text-based interaction, Virtual Agents can use multiple approaches to converse with a customer. They use machine learning and the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand, gather intent, and learn to solve customer problems.

Our no-code visual development tool allows users to easily build an application which enables non-technical users to complete tasks in hours rather than days or months.

Solving Business Problems with an Intelligent Virtual Agent

  • Improve Compliance and lessen risk through sensitive financial and healthcare data collection practices
  • Simplify Processes and streamline workflows by automating data discovery with highly predictive and skilled algorithms
  • Add Intelligence to repetitive tasks by finding structure and commonality within data and applying natural language processing and deep learning to improve task completion accuracy
  • Reduce Human Error through the reliable performance of frequent, high-volume tasks
  • Improve Customer Experiences (CX) by adding self-service capabilities to Masergy Global UCaaS and Cloud Contact Center

Why Masergy Intelligent Virtual Agent?

Inherent Security
Greater Resiliency and Service Reliability
Incredible Savings

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Solution Brief

Improve employee productivity and reduce your total cost of ownership with Masergy Global UCaaS.

Solution Brief

Enhance efficiency and improve customer experiences with Masergy Cloud Contact Center.

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