UCaaS Analyst

Unique Visibility

Masergy UCaaS Analyst provides industry-unique performance metrics for our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) customers. Featuring unlimited end-to-end monitoring of UC endpoints for all subscribed users and services globally, UCaaS Analyst delivers the real-time data visualization and service management all enterprise IT managers need to optimize their business communications.

Valuable Insights

Masergy UCaaS Analyst goes beyond visibility by enabling powerful UC service management capabilities. Use UCaaS Analyst to find and instantly solve voice and video call quality issues to minimize downtime. UCaaS Analyst is integrated into our award-winning Intelligent Service Control (ISC) client console; delivered from the cloud and available free of charge to all Masergy UCaaS customers.

Simplified Management

Masergy UCaaS Analyst has powerful UC service management capabilities. Get a consolidated view of Masergy UCaaS user profiles, service inventory reports and online access to invoices directly from the UCaaS Analyst dashboard.  All upgrades and enhancements are instantly available to customers without the need to buy new hardware or software licenses.


  • End-to-end UC performance visibility across WAN infrastructure
  • Unlimited monitoring of endpoints for all subscribed users and services
  • Manage, filter, and analyze data into actionable insights from a unified dashboard
  • Real-time management of critical Masergy UCaaS services
  • Consistent user experience anywhere in the world


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