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WebRTC (short for “Web Real-Time Communication”) is an open framework for real-time audio, video, and data streaming from any web browser. This World Wide Web Consortium-backed industry standard enables these functions without the need for either bulky client software or browser plug-ins.

WebRTC enforces the usage of encryption for both the media and the signaling. This ensures a secure session for participants no matter if their stream comes from Google Chrome on a PC or an Android tablet with an Opera browser. WebRTC provides for increased productivity by allowing teams to collaborate in real time.

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Masergy Communicator MyRoom and Visual Automated Attendant leverage WebRTC technology to deliver the next generation of unified communications.

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Communicator MyRoom

Masergy Communicator MyRoom is a ubiquitous cloud video conferencing solution for global any-to-any connections. Communicator MyRoom leverages WebRTC technology to empowers multiple conferencing participants to collaborate from anywhere, on any device. Communicator MyRoom allows for users to seamlessly invoke a video conference, connecting desktop computers, tablets, room systems, smartphones, softphones, and video phones with consistent user experiences. Communicator MyRoom is available anytime over any broadband IP connection, as well as over the PSTN for audio-only participants.

Visual Automated Attendant

Masergy Visual Auto Attendant (VAA) enables real-time customer interactions directly from any webpage by leveraging WebRTC to bypass the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Visitors to your website transition from static, passive webpage browsing to a real-time voice or video chat communications experience. Best of all, with VAA the experience is seamless and requires easily-generated JavaScript code embedded into your website. Masergy can provide a demo environment before purchase.