Companies must take into account more than technical capabilities when selecting a WAN solution provider. Consider these essential customer experience attributes to ensure your network meets your business needs now and in the future.

The managed approach to SD-WANs is growing in popularity by eliminating the heavy lifting required of corporate IT departments. Third party experts can simplify SD-WAN adoption by providing rapid deployment and ongoing management.

Security decision makers are moving away from threat prevention to a mindset focused on advanced detection, rapid response and breach mediation.

Masergy's Cloud Contact Center is a next-generation solution that provides omni-channel communications and predictive analytics to help your business deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Despite the growing popularity of Cloud Communications and the promise of streamlined service, implementations can be challenging. Each customer environment is unique and needs to be thoroughly understood prior to deployment. Here are 3 essential steps to ensure your success.

BYOD security risks are a growing concern to enterprises. The areas of greatest risk are data loss, unauthorized system access, unsafe apps and malware. Learn these crucial steps to shore up your defenses and implement ccorporate-wide mobile security policies.  

Keeping your organization's IT systems secure has never been more difficult or critical. Companies are under increased threats from a variety of sources. But there's no reason to go it alone. Learn how a managed security provider can bolster defenses.

A global wide-area network should guarantee your company a consistently high-quality user experience anywhere in the world. Here are some key issues to explore with prospective service providers.

What keeps CIOs up at night? Unauthorized users on their communications networks; stolen information; disrupted business activity. These are all real threats that Masergy's UCaaS is designed to thwart.

Cloud Communications solutions deliver greater flexibility but because VoIP phones are network devices, they can leave you exposed to many of the same security threats facing your computer systems. Learn what you can do.

Cloud Communications solutions have emerged as the next generation of enterprise collaboration. They’re made possible—and viable—by the advent of high-speed public networks, enhanced packet-based SIP (session initiation protocol) technology and several next-generation software innovations.

Security in our insecure world is a growing issue. To help IT professionals plan, here are three predictions for new IT security risks in 2016.

Every CIO knows about the high cost of cyber security. You’ve probably also experienced the skyrocketing salaries that security experts are demanding.  

The world of security is getting more complex. The rise of digital business and the expansion of cloud computing are adding risk. 

Like many enterprise systems, unified communications is moving from expensive and rigid on-premise deployments to hybrid and pure cloud solutions. Enterprises that adopt cloud communications gain the cost advantages of an OPEX versus CAPEX model.

Is your network as dynamic as your business? If not, perhaps it’s time to consider a hybrid network.



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