• The Enterprise BYOD Playbook

    BYOD security risks are a growing concern to enterprises. The areas of greatest risk are data loss, unauthorized system access, unsafe apps and malware. Learn these crucial steps to shore up your defenses and implement corporate-wide mobile security policies.

  • Time To Recharge Your Cyber Security Strategy

    Keeping your organization's IT systems secure has never been more difficult or critical. Companies are under increased threats from a variety of sources. But there's no reason to go at it alone. Learn how a managed security provider can bolster defenses.

  • Masergy Brings Security to Cloud Communications

    What keeps CIOs up at night? Unauthorized users on their communications networks; stolen information; disrupted business activity. These are all real threats that Masergy's UCaaS is designed to thwart.

  • Nine Ways Cybercriminals Can Compromise Business Communications

    Cloud Communications solutions deliver greater flexibility but because VoIP phones are network devices, they can leave you exposed to many of the same security threats facing your computer systems. Learn what you can do.

  • Cloud Communications Delivers Powerful Business Benefits

    Cloud Communications solutions are the next generation of enterprise collaboration and mobility. Explore the benefits and learn about the hybrid deployment models that make cloud migration seamless.

  • 3 Security Risks To Watch For

    Security in our insecure world is a growing issue. To help IT professionals plan, here are three predictions for new IT security risks in 2016.

  • How to Fight the High Cost of Security Salaries

    Every CIO knows about the high cost of cyber security, but how bad is the situation really? Here are some answers as well as a partner approach to heighten defences while lowering costs.

  • Adaptive Security Should Be Part of the CISO’s Toolkit

    The world of security is getting more complex. Learn the four key elements for continuous monitoring and the three steps to adaptive security.

  • The CIO’s Unified Communications Checklist

    Like many enterprise systems, unified communications is moving from expensive and rigid on-premise deployments to hybrid and pure cloud solutions, but there are significant differences among solutions. Here are the features CIOs should consider.

  • The Business Case for Hybrid Networks

    Is your network as dynamic as your business? If not, perhaps it’s time to consider a hybrid network.