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If you have NEVER sold Masergy, this spiff is for you!

1st Closed Deal over 5K MRR sold between February 15th, 2018 and June 30th, 2018 will receive a 1 time spiff of 50% of commissionable revenue up to 50K.

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  1. Maximum payout per billing customer name, per order is $50,000. Deals sold at $5,000 or greater will receive payout of 50% of all commissionable revenue (excluding access), up to $50,000.
  2. Standard commission rates apply in addition to incentive.
  3. Channel Partners will be paid separately outside the regular commission process.
  4. Pay-out based on the MRR stated in a valid Customer Order signed and submitted by customer and acceptable by Masergy in accordance with the standard process.
  5. Qualifying customer order must be submitted by June 30th, 2018.
  6. Promotion payouts will be made in the month following the first billing month of the customer purchasing the service.
  7. This incentive cannot be combined with any other current channel incentives or promotions.
  8. Valid for Masergy service terms of two years or more only.
  9. Applies to new logo customers and existing customers ordering net-new services. Renewals and/or replacement services (e.g., ported or upgraded services) will not qualify for incentive.
  10. Masergy reserves the right to end, modify, or deny any claim under this promotion.
  11. Program Changes: Masergy may modify, suspend, amend or terminate the Promotion at any time and without prior notice or consent by participants. Masergy specifically reserves the right to change the Promotion in a manner that may modify or eliminate the amount of monetary rewards that may otherwise be payable under this Promotion. No designee, may modify, suspend, amend, or terminate this Promotion.
  12. To be effective, any modification, suspension, or amendment of the Promotion must be authorized in writing by the Masergy SVP of Sales.