How SD-WAN is like golf

Golf is one of the most challenging sports, teaching you something new every time you play. But can the lessons learned on the fairway also be applied to SD-WAN? Yes they can! In this series of short videos, avid golfers and networking experts Zeus Kerravala, of ZK Research, and Chris Werpy, from Masergy, explore the common denominators between golf and SD-WAN.

Lessons learned on the golf course

From backswings to backbones, golf is a lot like SD-WAN. In this series of short videos, avid golfer and networking expert Zeus Kerravala explores the common denominators between golf and SD-WAN.

The next-gen swing

Teeing up AI to support SD-WAN

SD-WAN caddies

Carrying transformation forward

Chip vs. moon shots

The best strategy for SD-WAN

Zeus Kerravala

Industry Analyst
ZK Research

As the founder and principal analyst at ZK Research, Zeus Kerravala has a passion for golf and all things IT. When he’s not practicing his swing, he helps global enterprises and IT professionals navigate success in the digital age by giving them a 360-degree view of technologies and emerging trends. Prior to ZK Research, Kerravala spent 10 years as an analyst at Yankee Group, serving as the firm’s most senior research analyst. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

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