Partner Testimonials

"If you have a client that is looking for a global network, managed security or cloud communications, you definitely need to talk to Masergy. They are the best."

Darren DeMartino, Co-Founder

"Masergy stands alone. They have no competition. If a partner isn't talking to Masergy, they're certainly missing the boat."

Jen Gallego, EVP Channel Sales

"We're confident every time a customer signs a Masergy contract they're going to be happy."

Scott Evars, Co-Founder & Principal

"What makes Masergy so innovative in our marketplace today really focuses around their core products of managed security, hybrid networking, and cloud communications. Masergy really takes a different approach."

Andy Ballema, Manager of Cloud Aggregation Services

"What excites me about Masergy's products and services is that they're really on the cutting, if not bleeding, edge of what's going on in the industry."

Mike McKenney, VP of Supplier Sales

"It's our experience that Masergy has really come to market with a different approach than a lot of the other providers, in that they truly do take the time to understand the customers’ needs, and come up with really unique solutions..."

Lauren Shapiro, President



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