iland Internet Solutions

iland Internet Solutions

IT organizations are able to build and manage secure virtual datacenters in North America and Europe on trusted enterprise cloud infrastructure with extensive compute capacity and flexible billing options. Pay only for what you use and scale up or down at any time without a contract by leveraging Pay As You Go resources or receive term and volume based discounts for Reserved resources.

Disaster Recovery with the iland Continuity Cloud®

The iland Continuity Cloud® is specifically designed to provide cost-effective business continuity options to enterprises of all sizes using private cloud resources. iland provides the entire infrastructure solution.

Desktops with the iland Workforce Cloud®

The iland Workforce Cloud® puts your desktop in the cloud, simplifying management and enhancing security by centralizing data and application services with iland’s Workforce Cloud®.

Hybrid Cloud Connects VMware to the Cloud

Maximize your investment by securely extending your existing VMware-based environment to iland’s Cloud Services environment. Harness the power of an entire virtual datacenter on your own terms so you can react quickly to ever changing business conditions, whether you need temporary capacity or building a new line of business.

Solutions for SaaS Cloud

For independent software vendors, the iland SaaS Clou® provides high availability infrastructure that ensures scalable, secure, cost-effective application delivery. Streamline your service delivery by creating collections of virtual ma¬chines for development, testing, training, demonstrations, and critical production deployments.

Cloud Proof of Concept

With iland Cloud Proof of Concept you can test your applications, disaster recovery technologies, or desktops out in the cloud on a project basis. This allows you to define clear goals for success in the cloud and measure the performance, security, or functionality that meets the requirements of your IT organization.

Mixed Cloud / Physical Environments

iland supports the integration of physical devices, such as routers, load balancers, and other appliances with colocation, connectivity, and managed services to deliver bespoke cloud solutions.

Contact: Dante Orsini 713-337-1357

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