Telx is the leading domestic provider of interconnection, colocation, cloud services, and data center support services within 13 strategic North American markets. With an industry leading 100% Uptime & 100% “On-Time” Service Delivery SLAs, Telx clients build more agile businesses faster with reduced infrastructure complexity and broader reach to new markets. Its 1,200+ clients leverage a carrier neutral 24 Hour Cross Connect guarantee to interconnect to a vast base of high performance global networks.

Interconnection – flexibility for a converged world

Telx provides interconnection services to a global ecosystem of more than 1,000+ leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, and enterprises through more than 45,000+ cross connections at our strategically located, carrier-neutral facilities using the following interconnection types:

>Reducing the cost of doing business through shared solutions

Telx colocation solutions reduce the cost of building your own enterprise data center and maintaining your own in-house data center services by leveraging industry leading colocation facility features:

Industry data center and interconnection solutions

Our world-class services support you with the right products and resources to help you achieve your goals in the following industries:

Location, location, location

Telx services 13 U.S. markets including data center facilities in the following metro areas:

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