The freedom to mix and match network connectivity

Let your business needs lead your connectivity design

Flexible connectivity — public, private, and hybrid too

Strike the optimal balance between price, performance, and resiliency with transport-agnostic options from Masergy. Masergy will source, deploy, and manage your network access across the variety of providers globally, leaving you to focus on what’s important to your business. You can also bring your own bandwidth. Regardless of your access choice, every connection to Masergy has security built-in and provides your on-ramp to the highest performing software-defined network, consistently delivering less than 1 millisecond of jitter across the globe.

Flexible connectivity

  • Mix and match public, private, and hybrid connectivity--5G too!
  • Masergy manages both public and private access
  • 300 global access provider partners ensure you get the connectivity you need

Performance & control

  • Performance visibility and real-time bandwidth controls for both public and private connections
  • One portal to modify port bandwidth globally
  • Self-service tools give you full administrative control

Fully managed service

  • 24/7 network monitoring services on all connections
  • Masergy’s network guarantees consistent performance globally
  • Add-on security services for threat monitoring and response

Masergy SD-WAN access options

Dedicated Private Access Dedicated Internet Access Broadband Internet Access Managed xG Fired Wireless Access
Availability High High Moderate HIgh
Performance High Moderate Low Low
SLAs Site-to-Site POP-to-POP POP-to-POP POP-to-POP
Cloud SLAs Site-to-Cloud Service Provider POP-to-Cloud Service Provider POP-to-Cloud Service Provider POP-to-Cloud Service Provider
Management Model Fully Managed Fully Managed or Bring Your Own Fully Managed or Bring Your Own Fully Managed
Reliability Risk Low Medium High Medium (designed to provide redundancy)

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