Flexible enterprise-grade fixed wireless connectivity

Masergy Managed xG delivers next-gen fixed wireless to your key office locations. Designed to provide redundant connectivity at key office locations, Managed xG enables your business to enjoy the latest generation of wireless connectivity as part of a hybrid WAN architecture.

Future-proof your WAN with Managed xG

The majority of wireless connectivity in North America, Europe, and many other regions is defined as fourth-generation (4G) wireless. However, new 5G connectivity is already available for large cities in the United States and Asia. In developing nations, there are still many areas serviced by older 2G and 3G wireless.

Masergy developed our Managed xG service with the flexibility to receive 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G wireless signals so customers can enjoy maximum flexibility with their global hybrid WAN deployments. Masergy Managed xG works on all wireless standards to their maximum speeds.

Reliable wireless for business continuity

Never worry about losing access to a site when someone accidentally (or deliberately) cuts your expensive fiber line. Masergy Managed xG enables backup connectivity with up to 5G speeds. Deploy anywhere in minutes using turnkey Managed xG setup package. We ship you a modem with pre-activated SIM card, you connect via Ethernet, and it’s all managed and monitored 24/7 by the Masergy Network Operations Center to provide you with the award-winning Masergy customer experience.