Managed Secure Wi-Fi

Add secure managed wireless to your corporate LAN

Masergy Secure Wi-Fi is the perfect addition to a hybrid WAN deployment. Choose Masergy Secure Wi-Fi to enable secure wireless network access to your employees.

Using purpose-built wireless access point (AP) hardware and enterprise-grade cybersecurity from our partner Fortinet®, the Masergy Secure Wi-Fi solution extends our award-winning managed network experience into your LAN. As Enterprise Management Associates’ research director Shamus McGillicuddy noted in his report Wide-Area Network Transformation: How Enterprises Succeed with Software-Defined WAN, “41 percent of enterprises want their WAN management environment to cover branch LAN infrastructure, such as Wi-Fi.”

Award-winning WAN management—now for your LAN

Global wide-area networks often include a mix of private and public access links. CIOs want the cost savings and agility afforded by a hybrid WAN with a mix of private connections at large offices, Direct Cloud Connect for AWS and other cloud application resources, and SD-WAN at branch locations. The challenge is ensuring those networks interoperate seamlessly and securely without undue complexity. That’s why one of the most popular customer use cases for Masergy Secure Wi-Fi is providing enterprise branch locations connected by Masergy Managed SD-WAN with a plug-and-play solution for employees to access WAN resources over wireless.

No matter how you choose to deploy our Secure Wi-Fi solution, you’ll extend the award-winning 24/7 Masergy WAN management, monitoring, visibility, and real-time control into the customer LAN for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Speedy and secure managed Wi-Fi for the enterprise workforce

Masergy Secure Wi-Fi enables dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless on up to 16 SSIDs per AP. With up to eight internal antennae and an unobtrusive design, you can mount our Secure Wi-Fi APs anywhere and deliver secure Wi-Fi for up to 130,000 simultaneous users.

Our built-in security automatically defeats hackers with rogue access point scanning, providing maximum protection of regulated environments with PCI-DSS compliance. Masergy pulls security data and alerts for both your Wi-Fi network and your global WAN into the Masergy Intelligent Service Control portal for a “single pane of glass” view. With Masergy Secure Wi-Fi, your IT department gets end-to-end security and visibility for both your WAN and LAN.