Detection & Response to mitigate risk across your entire IT environment

Incident resolution to cost-effectively manage security risk

Free your IT resources with technology, analytics, certified analysts acting in your defense

Heightened awareness, intelligent analysis, and accelerated response make for a stronger security posture. That’s why Masergy’s Detection & Response service and technology platform monitors your entire IT environment - cloud and on-prem - ingesting more direct and third-party data to get a clearer, correlated picture of your security posture and risk. Certified security analysts not only craft a prioritized threat response plan, they also act on it. Masergy’s end-to-end service is priced based on users, sites, and log sources. This way, your team can get back to business at a price that makes security more affordable.

Strengthened posture

Increase effectiveness with higher levels of threat awareness and visibility

Stop more attacks proactively with turnkey threat hunting capabilities

Enable faster response with experts experienced in hybrid cloud models

Enhanced insight

Cloud security monitoring and network security monitoring

Security analytics engine accelerates threat evaluations

Three 24/7 SOCs monitoring global security threats

Exceptional ROI

Access security experts at a fraction of the cost

Leverage best practices for threat response

One partner for technologies, analytics, services

No more alert overload

Some services forward streams of alerts generated by security tools directly to the client, without assessing the underlying security issues. You won’t get an alert factory with Masergy. Certified security analysts address alert triage, manage the incident response process, and follow through until resolution. So, you can shift from reactive mode to proactive mode and focus on strategic security improvements.

Secure all endpoints with 24/7 detection & response

The more endpoints, the more entry points cyber attackers have, and companies need both technology and skilled personnel for effective defense. Get turnkey protection from Masergy’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, which include unified prevention, threat detection, and response services.

  • Avoid hardware maintenance: Cloud technology is compatible with a full range of enterprise devices and IoT
  • Protect against all major attack vectors: Proactive, AI-enhanced hunting detects malware, ransomware, and other threats
  • Free your IT resources: Masergy’s certified security analysts handle detection and response as a trusted extension of your team

Buyer's Guide for Threat Detection and Response

What to look for in a modern managed security services provider

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A guide to endpoint security

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Masergy Managed Security solution brief

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