Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments


Learn how a skilled attacker would gain access to your IT systems and valuable data but without the reputation-damaging lawsuits. Masergy Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments demonstrate the worst-case scenarios if you were compromised by hackers then advise you on hardening your defenses against a real attack. Cover all bases by simulating real-world penetration of external and internal network, wireless, web applications, and mobile computing environments. Because no single scanning tool can catch all vulnerabilities, Masergy uses multiple sophisticated tools to perform comprehensive testing. Our certified security consultants use best-of-breed tools and deploy in-depth manual penetration techniques to find the vulnerabilities that are not identified by automated scanning tools.

Application source code analysis

Masergy security consultants will analyze you external or internal applications’ source code to identify the root cause of software vulnerabilities in a variety of programming languages and more than 600,000 APIs. Applications are often created and distributed by third-party companies who may not share source code. As a result, we employ unique statistical analysis and manual testing to discover vulnerabilities in these applications without the need for source code.

Social engineering assessment

Our security experts will test the effectiveness of your physical policy and security awareness programs by conducting social engineering assessments with your organization’s staff. We help you determine weaknesses and suggest improvements through a variety of customized remote as well as onsite techniques that sophisticated attackers may employ to gain access to your environment.

We customize each test for your enterprise to:

  • Stealthily scan and discover critical data flaws and vulnerabilities
  • Test your current security defenses and alerting infrastructure
  • Evaluate vulnerabilities in relation to business processes
  • Perform re-scans to ensure issues are fixed


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