Data and insights to mitigate risk

A patented analytics engine for faster, more accurate threat identification

Counteract advanced threats with more advanced analytics

Harness the power of behavioral analytics for rapid threat identification and informed response. Masergy’s Advanced Security Analytics engine is a patented toolset that empowers full visibility, so threats can be investigated easily and organized into a prioritized response plan. The engine ingests alerts from a wide variety of third-party tools for more rigorous coverage. But beyond just analytics, Masergy also has certified security analysts waiting to help you act on your threat intelligence.

Faster response

Identify threats sooner with prioritized alerts

Accelerate response to limit the time attackers have inside your system

Improve efficiency with fewer false positives

Analytics-powered detection

Automate threat identification and evaluation

Identify anomalies and deploy effective countermeasures

Visually evaluate historical network activity to support incident investigation

Expertise you can trust

Triage alerts in real-time with three regional SOCs located around the globe

Get tenured security analysts and industry-certified professionals

Leverage 19 years of global threat intelligence

Help for CISOs Overwhelmed By Security Threats

How Masergy's analytics engine works

Raw network packet data and complete netflow data provides a historical record of activity, establishing a baseline of network behavior that is continuously updated--over time your analysis just keeps getting richer. The analytics engine maintains and analyzes alert logs and profile information for extended time periods, enabling deep investigations for more accurate evaluations. Multi-tiered dynamic correlation techniques identify specific countermeasures needed during response, helping you enact a highly effective response plan.

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