Managed Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Turnkey Managed Service Providing 24/7 Security Monitoring and Incident Response for Your Cloud Applications

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Securing Cloud Applications Requires a Fully Managed CASB Solution

The rapid adoption of SaaS has changed the security paradigm for enterprise applications.Business managers are circumventing IT for cloud app provisioning, increasing risks and leaving enterprise data exposed, forcing IT/ security teams into reactive mode as they try to manage risks with ineffective “whack-a-mole” approaches using their existing security tools.

Managed CASB | Unified Enterprise Security | Masergy

Optimize Your Budget w/ Masergy's Managed CASB

Get Comprehensive Managed Security Born for the Cloud

As organizations adopt a cloud-first approach to IT, they must also avoid a patchwork of disparate security products that cannot provide consistent and scalable controls across all SaaS apps. Masergy’s Managed CASB solution is built from the ground up for visibility, control, and compliance in the cloud, offering end-to-end data and threat protection for all applications on any device.

With support for popular applications like Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce and any of the thousands of other cloud apps that are on the market today, Masergy’s Managed CASB solution easily governs both officially sanctioned and unmanaged Shadow IT apps in use, all with one solution.

Optimize Your Security Budget and Accelerate Your SaaS Security Strategy

Maximize your budget with turnkey security that deploys quickly with little effort and includes an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Masergy Managed CASB rapidly scales your SaaS environments while effectively managing your cloud access security risks. Our CASB solution integrates with our Managed Detection and Response platform which together provides comprehensive coverage of your enterprise environment.

Optimize Your Budget w/ Masergy's Managed CASB

Reduce Risk by Vigorously Enforcing Protection, Detection, and Response

Liberate Your Internal IT and Security Teams.

As a part of our fully managed CASB service, Masergy’s Security Operations Center (SOC) becomes responsible for all alert monitoring and incident response and mitigation. Masergy’s tenured and certified security analysts operate as a trusted extension of your security team, liberating in-house teams for strategic activities.

Effortlessly Extend Masergy’s Comprehensive Detection and Response Strategy to Your CASB Deployment

Masergy Managed Cloud Access Security Broker integrates SaaS security alerts into our machine-learning enabled Managed Detection and Response platform, Unified Enterprise Security (UES), for comprehensive cloud security and risk governance. Masergy UES provides a single ‘pane of glass’ security view for all your cloud and on-premise environments. We leverage our patented behavioral analysis, threat intelligence, and centralized 24/7 security monitoring and incident response to operationalize an effective detection and response strategy.

Technology Partner

Data Protection
Threat Protection
Visibility Control
Identity & Access Management

Masergy has partnered with Bitglass to deliver a turnkey solution that integrates industry-leading CASB technology with our proven Detection and Response platform for comprehensively managing SaaS security risk. Together, we offer multimode deployment capabilities via forward and reverse proxy and API deployments that protect data-at-rest and in-transit.

Features and Benefits


Zero-day data & threat protection for any SaaS app on any device.

  • Balance cloud agility, security, and user experience
  • Control the flow of sensitive data into and out of the cloud in real time with cloud DLP and contextual access control
  • Monitor and control data at rest in the cloud via APIs
  • Ensure security and compliance for data-at-rest with searchable Cloud Encryption


Control, secure & coach across all unmanaged apps.

  • Control usage of unmanaged applications by analyzing application usage at the firewall or proxy
  • Detect and rate unmanaged app risk with automated Shadow IT index of over 100K apps
  • Block, coach, and control unmanaged cloud applications on any managed device
  • Leverage patent-pending technology that automatically detects and controls leakage paths in any app


Secure mobile and BYOD painlessly with agentless mobile security

  • Ensure corporate information stays protected on all devices
  • Configure and deploy for both users and admins in minutes
  • Control and protect corporate data on any mobile device with DLP, device controls, and more
  • Protect data from breaches while preserving full application functionality with agentless malware and threat protection

Tech Specs

Supported CASB Solutions
  • Bitglass (sold through Masergy)
  • Netskope*
  • Skyhigh*
*Monitoring and response service only. Features will be different from those listed above
Required Deployment Requires existing UES deployment
Deployment Type Managed SaaS Security deploys as a module on UES Customer Premise Equipment


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Product Sheet

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It’s time for smarter cloud security

The way people work with information and technology has changed. Masergy enhances visibility by going deeper than any other service provider to help you target and control activities across thousands of cloud services and applications. Our customers benefit from a world-class security experience that allows them to focus on their core business while we guard their most sensitive data and continuously monitor their cloud security posture. At Masergy, we call this peace of mind smarter cloud security.

Secure Your SaaS Deployments With Masergy

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