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Traditional security tools are not effective in the cloud.

Enterprises should not attempt to leverage traditional security tools for cloud computing. Traditional tools are prone to misconfiguration or lack granular visibility into workload operating systems and processes which often results in cloud security failures.

Cloud workloads spin up and down by the minute and often grow into the thousands. Traditional tools require manual processes, are misconfiguration prone, and approaches simply don’t scale for cloud environments.

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Secure your migration to IaaS/PaaS with Managed Cloud Workload Protection.

Masergy Managed Cloud Workload Protection leverages agent-based technology with a cloud-based management platform. Workload agents automatically deploy via orchestration tools so security becomes part of dev-ops. Turnkey consulting services expedite security policy configurations which are deployed using workload tagging. Your solution scales immediately and moves as fast as your business grows.

Reduce costs and liberate your in-house security and IT teams.

There is no hardware to buy and manage with Managed Cloud Workload Protection. Your total cost of ownership (TCO) is minimized as a result.

Most importantly, Masergy’s trusted, tenured and certified security analysts handle all alerting and incident response, liberating your in-house teams for strategic activities.
Reduce Costs and Liberate Your In-House Security and IT Teams

Reduce Risk by Vigorously Enforcing Protection, Detection, and Response

Reduce risk by rigorously enforcing protection, detection and response capabilities.

Masergy Managed Cloud Workload Protection fully enables the prevention, detection and response functions that are critical for resilient cloud security. Security misconfigurations are avoided, and rigorous controls promptly alert the Masergy SOC on any indicators of compromise for immediate response.


  • 24/7 global monitoring by certified security analysts for immediate and effective response
  • Professional security services available for complete security configuration
  • Secure SaaS delivery for cloud and on-prem/data center environments
  • Preconfigured policies to ensure compliance (e.g. PCI, HIPAA)
  • Supports most Linux and Windows OS in all IaaS/PaaS environments including AWS, Azure and Google

Technology Partner

Masergy integrates leading Cloud Workload Protection technology from CloudPassage with Masergy’s patented network behavioral analytics and machine learning technology.

Combined with 24/7 analysis from our security experts in global Security Operations Centers, Masergy’s Managed Cloud Workload Protection solution delivers comprehensive security monitoring and response through a suite of six integrated modules.
Masergy integrates Cloud Workload Protection technology from CloudPassage with our patented network behavioral analytics and machine learning

Use Cases

Cloud Workloads
Readily protect AWS, Azure, Google workloads with scalable agent technology that deploys via orchestration tools (Chef, Puppet, others).
Cloud Containers
Extend protection to cloud containers to ensure complete visibility and control of cloud environments.
On-Prem Data Center Servers
Protect legacy on-prem Windows and Linux servers without any hardware or appliances.

Already using Masergy’s Managed Detection and Response platform?

Cloud Workload Protection is a value-added service to Masergy’s Managed Detection and Response Platform with billing based on hourly usage so you pay for what you use, and nothing more.

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Secure Infrastructure-as-as-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings with the right tools and the right managed security services provider.


Learn how Masergy’s turnkey Managed Cloud Workload Protection service makes managing risks cost-effective and adoption uncomplicated.

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View the product sheet for Managed Cloud Workload Protection, bundled with Masergy’s Unified Enterprise Security (UES) solution.

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