Managed Endpoint Detection And Response


Managed Endpoint Detection
and Response

Masergy’s managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions empower organizations by cost effectively finding and isolating compromised endpoints before any real damage is inflicted.

Our EDR solution combines 24/7 monitoring, machine learning enabled network analytics, and leading endpoint detection and response technology.

The result is a total game changer for enterprise security.




Faster Response
to Threats


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Deny Attackers A Foothold On Your Network

Even the best endpoint prevention tools and strategies can’t stop all endpoint compromises. CISOs know endpoints are often the most vulnerable targets that attackers exploit to then enter critical systems and steal business-critical data. Endpoints are easy targets because they are prone to software and human vulnerabilities. Successful defenses require detecting and isolating compromised endpoints before attackers can exfiltrate your data.

Next-gen malware prevention
New tools to detect malware infection
New tools to quarantine & kill malware infection
Tune & adjust prevention & detection response tools

Continuous Endpoint Integrity Monitoring

Technology Partner

Masergy Managed Endpoint Detection & Response is a turnkey service that delivers continuous monitoring and response to minimize your risk from advanced threats. We integrate leading endpoint detection & response (EDR) agent technology from Carbon Black Response with Masergy’s patented network behavioral analytics and machine learning technology. Combined with 24/7 analysis from our security experts in global Security Operations Centers, Masergy Managed Endpoint Detection & Response solutions find and isolate compromised endpoints, expelling attackers before they can find and exfiltrate your valuable corporate data.

Trusted and Cost-effective 24/7 Managed Security

By automatically aggregating network alerts with suspicious endpoint activity, Masergy’s security analysts have rich, highly-actionable data to respond quickly to threats for you 24/7.

Masergy has Security Operations Centers on three continents staffed by industry-certified security analysts who integrate with your internal security team to monitor your network endpoints for you.

And every subscriber to our Managed Endpoint Detection & Response is allocated expert threat hunting resources as part of an aggressive defensive posture for countering sophisticated attackers.

Sophisticated Agent Technology
  • Operates between OS and applications
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Audits system and resource calls
Unparalleled Data Visibility
  • Processes
  • Executed binaries
  • Event chains
  • Process paths
  • Registry key changes
Superior Incident Resolution
  • Actionable alerts
  • Quick remediation
  • Threat hunting


How and When to Use Endpoint Detection and Response


Security in Transition: Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

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