Integrated Threat Intelligence

Fully Integrated Threat Intelligence At No Additional Cost

Threat intelligence provides an added layer of defense, helping you: identify serious attacks, understand the context in which they're occurring, and execute the most effective response. Unlike our competitors, Masergy Threat Intelligence Solutions deliver unparalleled detection and defense to your network with no additional fees.

As part of Masergy’s unique approach to security, threat intelligence is integrated into our Unified Enterprise Security (UES) solution. We constantly pull critical IT security feeds from government agencies, cybersecurity experts, and industry vendors to create a real-time view of the threat landscape.

Masergy provides real-time single-source access to threat data, including an easy-to-use, instant view of prioritized security threats and the underlying data that created them, so organizations can get ahead of the threat curve and prevent security issues. Using our Security Dashboard, you see a holistic view of threats linked to the likely assets attackers are targeting on your network.

Masergy continuously monitors and updates a repository of all known assets, threats, vulnerabilities, logs, and behavioral and signature IDS alerts. These are then updated, integrated, correlated and normalized for your specific environment. We instantly display the most critical threats in a clear and simple format and provide remediation information or open ports to check. Utilizing an innovative minimal maintenance approach, the security dashboard requires no agents, tuning or creation of complex correlation rules. This frees your essential security and IT staff to focus on more important tasks.


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