Network Behavioral Analysis

Identify Attacks Faster and More Accurately

The Masergy Unified Enterprise Security solution is based on our patented adaptive Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA) technology. Our behavioral analytics use raw network packet information to detect suspicious activity before it becomes a threat to your business. We maintain alert logs and behavioral profile information for extended time periods, enabling constant monitoring of global attacks and vulnerabilities while dramatically reducing false positives.

Adaptive Behavioral Profiling With Continuous Analysis

Masergy continuously analyzes normal network traffic over extended periods of time. Against this activity baseline, the Unified Enterprise Security platform leverages unique methods to detect and thwart cyber attacker reconnaissance and data exfiltration activities. In addition to full packet capture, netflow collection via the Netflow Visibility tool, provides a historical record of all network activity, helping augment investigation and response processes.

Customizable and Adaptive

Machine learning detection technology enables us to continuously adapt to each customer’s network and apply multi-tiered dynamic correlation techniques. With this approach you get better lead times on identification of malicious activity, enabling your security team to enact more specific countermeasures earlier before the threat causes material harm.

Masergy Network Behavioral Analysis


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