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You Can’t Investigate What You Can’t See

And it’s next to impossible to secure what you can’t investigate.

Enterprise networks are diverse, dynamic and complex, making it easy for attackers to obfuscate their tracks once inside. As networks grow and expand, it becomes increasingly difficult for security teams to know that network controls are working and alerts and incidents are being effectively validated and responded to.

When all activity is recorded, attackers can no longer hide.

The Masergy Network Visibility Tool provides real-time and historical visibility, into the entire network.

Accelerate Alert Triage and Identification of Malicious Activity

Network analytics and other Detection and Response tools are effective at catching malicious activity. However, they often lack enough contextual information security analysts need to quickly validate alerts and execute effective responses.

The Masergy Network Visibility Tool adds context by providing a complete record of network activity that can be quickly sorted, filtered, and viewed. The security analyst can quickly hone in on suspicious network activity that validates the alert, and therefore accelerates the identification of malicious activity.

Improve Incident Investigation and Response

When investigating an incident, how does the response team understand the nature and extent of the compromise? What other systems has the attacker likely touched, and where is the attacker now?

The Network Visibility Tool provides the enhanced capability needed to trace attacker trails and answer these critical questions. By doing so, the response team greatly improves their ability to quarantine and expel the attacker.

Resolve Challenging Network Security Problems

Network security controls are complex and misconfigurations happen easily enough, creating security risks. The Network Visibility Tool enables the security team to quickly audit these controls using actual network activity to resolve security issues before they can become actual incidents.

Use Cases

Incident Investigation

Identify problems with security controls and firewall rules so they can be fixed.

Critical Asset Activity Monitoring

Create rules acting on extensive library of network metadata to alert you to suspicious activity.

Threat Hunting

Enable the Threat Hunting mission by identifying early indicators of compromise.

Data Exfiltration Alerting

Deploy simple rules for identifying abnormal external data transfers.

Retrospective Threat Intelligence Matching

Execute Threat Intelligence matching on network traffic retrospectively, to overcome time sensitive nature of intelligence.

Remediate Network Security Misconfigurations

Leveraging actual traffic metadata, quickly identify and fix firewall and segmentation issues.


  • Captures Netflow and sFlow from integrated Unified Enterprise Security network sensors, or other third party network and security appliances, such as firewalls, routers and switches
  • Integrates with Active Directory for username resolution
  • Supports custom labeling of Groups, Sites and Subnets for easier management
  • Enables network alerting with rules configured by the Policy Manager
  • Generates alerts for specific risk cases using customizable security rules with the Policy Manager

Tech Specs

Supports Netflow v5, 6 and 10 (IPFIX), sFlow, J-Flow and Cisco NSEL
Requires Google Chrome or Firefox browser (latest version)


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Product Sheet

View the product sheet for our Network Visibility tool, bundled with Masergy’s Unified Enterprise Security (UES) solution

"The ability to execute critical capabilities such as threat hunting, investigation and incident response requires complete network visibility. Masergy is well positioned in the Managed Detection and Response space by integrating network visibility as part of its core service offering."

— Amy DeCarlo, Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services, GlobalData

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