Security Monitoring for Office 365

Turnkey Managed Service Providing 24/7 Monitoring and Incident Response for Your Microsoft Office 365 Environment

Securing Office 365 Requires an Active Detection and Response Strategy

Data security in the cloud is of great concern to IT security professionals today as end-users demand anywhere, anytime access to projects, files, and applications.

However, the significant efficiencies gained when leveraging cloud applications such as Office 365 can often leave enterprise data at risk and organizations vulnerable to attack.

Gain Visibility into Your Office 365 Security Posture

When anomalous or suspicious user activities occur, you need to know so that you can investigate promptly.

Masergy analyzes Office 365 data and correlates security events with our Unified Enterprise Security (UES) MDR platform for analysis and reporting. User-centric views and easy-to-use dashboards provide a unified view of assets and vulnerabilities.

Maximize Your Security Budget and Accelerate Your SaaS Strategy

Maximize your security budget with turnkey security that deploys quickly with little effort.

Get security insight within minutes and readily scale as your Software as a Service environment expands. Masergy’s Security Monitoring for Office 365 is integrated with our Managed Detection and Response platform delivering fully managed security without additional maintenance overhead.

This service is available to current customers with a Masergy Security contract at no additional cost.

Liberate Your Internal IT and Security Teams

Masergy’s Security Monitoring for Office 365 includes rigorous controls that promptly alert Masergy’s Security Operations Center (SOC) for prompt incident response and mitigation, liberating in-house teams for strategic activities.

Masergy’s trusted, tenured and certified security analysts also provide expert consulting and customized policy configuration and response procedures.

Effortlessly Extend Masergy’s Comprehensive Detection and Response to Office 365 Environments

Masergy Office 365 Security Monitoring integrates Microsoft’s Cloud App Security alerts into our machine-learning enabled Unified Enterprise Security (UES) platform.

Masergy UES provides a single ‘pane of glass’ security view for all your cloud and premise environments. We leverage our patented behavioral analysis, threat intelligence, and centralized 24/7 security monitoring and incident response to operationalize a comprehensive detection and response strategy.

Features & Benefits

Mitigate potential attacks targeting your Office 365 service with greater visibility into:

  • Anomalous sign-in activity
  • User account status, password changes, and resets
  • Unauthorized, geo-based access

Isolate malicious content and implement incident response with:

  • Customizable security policies that trigger on specific rule-based event chains
  • Blocking Malicious plugins or content
  • 24/7 security monitoring

Thwart opportunities for data exfiltration with alerts designed to identify:

  • Unusual data and file access and downloads
  • Risky or unusual application permissions
  • Activity that deviates from normal usage baselines

Tech Specs

  • Any Office 365 Enterprise subscription with add-on Cloud App Security license (*native to E5)
  • Microsoft SIEM Connector
  • Masergy Security Services contract


Secure Microsoft Office 365 environments with 24/7 monitoring and incident response from the right managed security services provider.

Press Release

Masergy announces Security Monitoring for Office 365, a fully managed solution that facilitates enterprise customers’ SaaS security strategies with quick deployment, scalability, and minimal customer effort.

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